Are Olivia and Brett from Married at First Sight Still Together?

A chance at domestic bliss with a partner handpicked for you by relationship experts. This is what ‘Married at First Sight’ has to offer to people ever since its inception in 2014. Based on the Danish series named ‘Gift Ved Første Blik,’ the format of the show is that the couple gets married, goes on a honeymoon, lives with each other for a few weeks, and then decides if they wish to continue with it or not. 

Brett, who works in the IT industry, and Olivia, a nurse practitioner, are two people who have come on the show with hopes and dreams of a happy married life. But do all dreams come true? Read on to find out.

Olivia and Brett: Married at First Sight Journey 

Brett, 35, joined the show because he feels that he has always been ready for marriage and that from time immemorial, arranged marriages have been the norm for a majority of humans.  After completing her Masters of Science in Nursing, Olivia feels that she has worked very hard for a successful career and that she is now ready to expend the same energy to her personal life. 

The matchmakers of the show felt that the two would be a perfect match for each other, especially due to their contrasting personalities. They felt that their opposite natures would balance them instead of dragging them down.

They do share a sweet moment at the altar when Olivia is asked to read her vows and she starts weeping. He offers her his pocket square as a handkerchief, and she says apologized saying that it would soon be covered in snot. He said that his cat had already destroyed it, and her face immediately lit up when she heard of the cat. Clearly, they were off to a good start.

However, over time, the viewers actually found him to be superficial. Many have even gone on to compare the two to Mindy and Zach from the previous season. He said that his wife would have to look a certain way in the wedding dress for him to even be attracted to her. Funnily enough, he also stated that he has slept with many strangers, and so he would not have much of a problem with his new wife. 

Are Olivia and Brett Still Together?

As of now, there is no concrete answer to this question, owing to the fact that the contestants have private social media profiles and that the show has not divulged any information yet either.

At his bachelor party, even after evident hesitation from women, he was trying to flirt with them. He refused to take a hint for the longest time. Even Olivia was appalled with this behavior, as she told US Magazine— “It sounds like looks are everything to Brett, and the flirting … eek! Some of the things Brett says are so shocking to me. He sounds like a playboy. I feel so bad for Kristin as Brett clearly made her feel so uncomfortable.”

Maybe it was just the potent combination of alcohol and pre-wedding nerves but it makes one wonder how serious he is about marriage in the first place.

In an interview, Olivia said that her mother approved of the process and came on short notice for the wedding. However, Brett’s family did not seem very thrilled with his decision. In fact, they seemed stunned that the self-proclaimed serial dater would even consider settling down. It seems that their love for cats and Taco Bell may not be enough to salvage this marriage. For these reasons, it is likely that they will separate at the end of the show.

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