Amelia and Josh: Has the Love Island Australia Pair Called it Quits?

9Go’s ‘Love Island’ is an Australian reality show that follows several Islanders as they are paired together in a quest to find potential love and win a coveted cash prize. In season 1, 23-year-old nutrition student Amelia Plummer from Sydney signed up on the show, hoping to find a long-term relationship. Being a late entrant, she had her task cut out in finding her perfect man. Meanwhile, 25-year-old sports administrator from Sydney, Josh Moss, had never experienced ‘being in love’ and was hoping ‘Love Island’ might help to change it.

While he experimented, a little before he met Amelia, they became an instant hit once the pair met. Choosing to remain loyal to each other right till the end, viewers couldn’t help but root for them. While it has been quite some time since the season wrapped up in 2018, their loyal fans must wish to know whether Amelia and Josh could hold onto each other despite changing times. Are they still together?

Amelia and Josh Clicked Instantly Despite Amelia’s Late Entry

Josh was one of the original Islanders of season 1. He was a massive hit with the ladies and enjoyed his fair share of experiments throughout the first four weeks, pairing up with Tayla, Natasha, Cassidy, and Francoise. Amelia entered the show with only a few weeks left, and she took an instant liking to Josh, who was considered the strongest contestant of the season. Josh was also equally smitten by the brunette beauty. The connection between them was instant and unmistakable.

The pair took no time to start gelling with each other and become a formidable pair. It seemed like Australia was enjoying their budding romance too, as the couple was chosen to enter the hideaway. As conversations flowed, their hearts began to flutter, and before they realized it, Josh and Amelia were in love. As time went by, their intimacy continued to grow further, and that was one of the primary reasons why the couple managed to become one of the finalists too.

Amelia and Josh’s pairing on the show was such that neither hesitated to become exclusive with each other on the show. They were so sure of them that despite reshufflings in the last few weeks, the pair stuck with each other, intent on seeing themselves through to the end. This was the primary reason why Josh was able to stay coupled with Amelia during the fifth, sixth, and final re-coupling. Their confidence in each other was reason enough for fans and co-contestants to believe that the two had potential together, even beyond the show.

Amelia and Josh Separated After Four Years of Being Together

When Amelia and Josh walked out of the villa, the pair was intent on making their relationship last. They also became the only ones to hold onto each other, even after the show ended. In August 2018, Josh even went on to ‘officially’ ask Amelia to be his girlfriend. Two years into their relationship, a thrilled Josh even told The Sun in an interview, “I’m amazed I managed to find a genuine connection. Out of the craziest circumstances, I have found the most normal person. I have to pinch myself sometimes.” In July 2021, after three years together, the pair moved in together on Bondi Beach in Sydney, showing how serious they were with each other. The couple also went on several getaways throughout their relationship and gave fans glimpses into their loved times together.

Despite seeming like the perfect couple, Amelia and Josh left their fans heartbroken with their sudden decision to split in May 2022, almost four years after being together. The couple shared individual posts announcing their separation. Amelia’s post read, “This was the most heartbreaking and respectful breakup. After almost four years of being together, we decided to go our separate ways.” Meanwhile, Josh, reiterating the same, said, “The moment we shared together is something I’ll never forget. We are on really good terms, and both wish nothing but the best for each other.”

Both affirmed their continued love for each other and shared their best wishes, indicating that the split was amicable. After their separation, both Amelia and Josh moved on in life. Amelia found love in September 2022 and debuted pictures of the new man in her life in January 2023. However, Amelia has kept her new man’s identity a secret. She splits her time between Sydney and London after confirming to fans that she was “semi-moving to Europe.” The gorgeous diva continues to enjoy traveling the world and often posts snaps of her travels on her social media.

Meanwhile, Josh has continued to work on his life as an influencer. Since 2021, he has been co-hosting ‘The Handbags’ podcast with ‘MAFS’ alum Michael Brunelli. As for his personal life, while Josh has been quite open about trying to get back into the dating pool, he hasn’t had much luck and is currently single. In a conversation with Michael on their podcast, he shared, “I’m out there. I’m single and mingling. I’m having a bit of fun with it all now. It’s a whole new world so I’m out there meeting people.”

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