American Rust Renewed For Season 3 at Freevee

Image Credit: Dennis Mong/Showtime

Freevee has renewed the crime series ‘American Rust’ for a third season. The filming of the upcoming round is scheduled to begin in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the spring of 2024. Series creator Dan Futterman continues to serve as the head writer of the series, based on Philipp Meyer’s novel of the same name. The sophomore round of the show concluded its filming in May of this year and is likely in post-production.

In the first season of the crime drama, Del investigates the death of corrupt police officer Steve Novick, leading him to discover that Billy Poe, the prime suspect and the son of his love interest Grace, is innocent. The actual culprit is Billy’s friend Isaac. In the season finale, Del helps Isaac cover up the crime, resulting in a deadly showdown with two drug dealers, Bobby Jesus and Jackson Berg. Del’s actions escalate as he brutally handles witnesses, including an old woman. Meanwhile, Billy faces severe consequences in prison, enduring a brutal beating and slipping into a coma.

The installment ends with Del fabricating stories to Pittsburgh detectives about his former partner’s suicide and embracing a dangerous disregard for the law and morality. Isaac returns to Buell, planning to confess but Del intervenes, instructing him to keep the murder weapon hidden. The season finale marks a definitive turning point for Del, signaling a potential reckoning in the sophomore round. The aftermath of his actions will likely unfold and the looming question is whether Del will cause further harm while attempting to conceal the consequences of his choices.

In the anticipated second season of ‘American Rust,’ viewers can expect the fallout from the intense events of the finale to unravel further, exploring the repercussions of Billy’s brutal assault and Del Harris’s intricate web of deception. The unresolved tensions and looming threats in the town will likely escalate, providing a gripping narrative filled with suspense and moral complexities. As far as the third season’s narrative is concerned, the plot remains uncertain as the trajectory of the story hinges on the developments of the upcoming season.

Futterman also serves as an executive producer along with Jeff Daniels, Adam Rapp, Paul Martino, Michael De Luca, Katie O’Connell Marsh, and Elisa Ellis, all representing Boat Rocker. The production company is both the producer and global distributor of the crime drama.

Although official casting details are yet to be disclosed, the return of Daniels as Chief Del Harris to the second season is seemingly assured. Maura Tierney’s fiery labor organizer Grace Poe is also expected to make a comeback. Given the pivotal developments in the season 1 finale, the return of Rob Yang as Deputy Steve Park seems likely as well. Pittsburgh earlier provided the backdrop of the previous seasons of the crime drama. Known for its rich cinematic history, the city recently hosted productions like ‘Rustin‘ for filming.

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