America’s Got Talent Season 15: Where Are The Finalists Now?

The fifteenth season of NBC’s beloved show ‘America’s Got Talent’ concluded its thrilling journey with a captivating finale on September 23, 2020. This season saw the return of Heidi Klum, reprising her former role as a judge, and welcomed Sofía Vergara as a fresh addition to the esteemed judging panel. However, it faced some challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and some filming was disrupted, but the shooting resumed with a virtual audience when safety protocols could be managed. If you are interested in finding out about the details of the finalists who made it till the end of the season, we have it covered. Let’s get started!

Brandon Leake is a Family Man Today

Brandon’s remarkable talent in spoken word poetry and his captivating narrative abilities made him a standout contestant in the 15th season of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ ultimately leading him to victory. Notably, he was the first spoken word poet to grace the show’s stage. His triumph on the show came with substantial rewards, including a generous $1 million cash prize, a brand-new Kia Stinger, and the coveted opportunity to headline at Luxor Las Vegas. In October 2020, Brandon inked a significant deal with the United Talent Agency, a testament to his growing stardom.

However, even before his rise to fame, Brandon embarked on his poetry journey in 2012 when he founded Called to Move (CTM), an organization dedicated to the art form. He remains dedicated to this endeavor, conducting poetry training workshops and sharing his expertise. Brandon, a three-time Telly Awards winner and an Emmy-awarded poet, continues to reside in Stockton, California, alongside his lovely wife, Anna Leake, whom he wedded in September 2017. The couple has been blessed with two children, Aaliyah James Leake and Jakari Bennett Leake.

Broken Roots, the Singing Duo is Focusing on Their Individual Career

Austin Edward and Joey Kar, the talented singing duo who captured the hearts of many and emerged as runners-up on the show, experienced a significant rise to fame. Following their memorable journey on the show, the duo embarked on numerous live performances and engagements, even debuting their first single, ‘Born For This’. However, it’s worth noting that, according to updates on the Broken Roots Facebook page, the duo has since gone their separate ways.

Austin Edward has continued to pursue his musical career with his band, known as Austin Edwards Music, and he’s been actively performing while traveling across the United States. He currently resides in Effingham, Illinois. On the other hand, Joey Kar has also been making his mark as a solo singer, captivating audiences across the USA with his performances. Both artists are thriving independently in their music careers, and we extend our best wishes for their continued success.

Cristina Rae is Still Inspiring Many With Her Performances

Cristina, the remarkable singing sensation hailing from Tennessee, left audiences spellbound with her extraordinary vocal talent and achieved the impressive feat of becoming the second runner-up on the show. Since her journey on the show concluded, Cristina has carved a remarkable path for herself in the world of entertainment. She has graced various Off-Broadway productions with her exceptional vocal prowess and had the honor of performing at the prestigious Apollo Theater in New York City.

Cristina made a return to ‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars’ in 2023, although she was eliminated during the preliminaries. Notably, Cristina is a resilient single mother who has triumphed over homelessness, and she uses her social media presence as a source of inspiration, particularly for young girls and women. Her commitment to inspiring others is as strong as her dedication to delivering captivating live performances for both private and corporate events. Cristina’s journey continues to inspire and uplift many.

Roberta Battaglia is Focusing on Her Music Career

Roberta, the sensational young talent, graced the show’s stage at the tender age of 10, capturing the hearts of both judges and viewers with her astounding vocal abilities and musical gifts. Her remarkable journey on the series led her to a well-deserved fourth-place finish. Following her impressive run on the show, Roberta took part in Ross Petty’s 2020 holiday production, ‘There’s No Place Like Home…for the Holidays,’ which was uniquely recorded virtually due to the prevailing pandemic circumstances.

Venturing beyond singing, she explored the world of acting and became a notable part of the mystery television series ‘Three Pines’ in 2022. In November 2022, Roberta treated her fans to a captivating single titled ‘Truce’. This talented Canadian artist continues to grace special functions and events, including the prestigious ‘Hidden Talent Toronto’, and her future shines brilliantly in all her artistic endeavors. Roberta’s extraordinary journey is a testament to her boundless potential and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Alan Silva is Spending Time With His Family Now

Alan Silva, the remarkable aerialist, soared to the pinnacle of talent on the 15th season of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ securing a well-deserved spot in the top 5 and leaving audiences worldwide in awe of his extraordinary abilities. His awe-inspiring performance on the show was etched into the memories of viewers. Alan’s passion for his craft led him to return for ‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars,’ showcasing his exceptional talent once again. In 2021, he ventured into the world of talent competitions by participating in the French version of ‘Game Of Talents’. The following year, Alan continued his pursuit of excellence by auditioning for the 8th season of ‘Spain’s Got Talent’.

His dedication and incredible skills were further acknowledged in 2023 when he achieved the Guinness World Record for the most 360-degree spins while suspended upside down from aerial straps within a single minute, accomplishing an astounding 164 spins on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy. Alan’s life outside of the spotlight is just as fulfilling; he shares it with his loving wife, Bethany Silva, and their two adorable children, whom they are raising in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Alan Silva’s journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence, both in his craft and his family life.

Archie Williams is Focusing on His Career

Archie Williams, a remarkable singer with a story of resilience and injustice, captured the hearts of both the judges and the audience with his powerful audition on ‘America’s Got Talent’. His rendition of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” left a lasting impact, as did his remarkable journey. Archie had been wrongfully incarcerated for an agonizing 37 years, a grave injustice that was finally rectified when he was released on March 21, 2019, thanks to the relentless efforts of The Innocence Project.

Today, Archie Williams has dedicated his life to seeking justice for innocent individuals who, like him, are unjustly imprisoned. His unwavering commitment to making a difference and his extraordinary talent led him to return to television, where he shared his inspiring story on ‘AGT: All Stars’ in 2023. Archie Williams serves as a beacon of hope and a symbol of the strength of the human spirit, reminding us all that justice, resilience, and the power of music can triumph over even the darkest of circumstances.

BAD Salsa is Performing Globally Now

BAD Salsa, the dynamic Indian salsa dancing duo, had already made a name for themselves in the world of talent competitions before gracing the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’. Sonali Majumdar and Sumanth Maroju, the talented pair, first gained recognition by winning the fourth season of ‘India’s Got Talent’ in 2012. Their exceptional performance and unique style left a lasting impression on the judges and viewers alike.

Their journey continued as they returned for ‘AGT: All Stars’ in 2023, showcasing their remarkable talent once again. Beyond their appearances on television, BAD Salsa remains active in the entertainment industry, regularly performing live shows both in India and internationally. Additionally, they generously contribute to nurturing emerging talent through their workshops, solidifying their status as influential figures in the world of dance and entertainment.

Bello Sisters, the Group is Thriving in the World of Acrobatics

The Bello Sisters, a trio of Italian-German acrobatic siblings consisting of Loren, Celine, and Joline Bello, showcased their incredible talents on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and secured a respectable 6th place in the competition. Since their appearance on AGT, the Bello Sisters have continued to captivate audiences on various international talent shows. They auditioned for ‘Das Supertalent 2020’ and ‘Romanii Au Talent 2021,’ impressing judges and viewers alike with their breathtaking performances. Notably, they graced the halftime show of an NBA event, expanding their reach to a broader audience.

The trio, then known as the Beautiful Sisters, even reached the finals of ‘Italia’s Got Talent’. In 2023, they took their talents to ‘Spain’s Got Talent: All Stars’ and received a Golden Buzzer from guest judge Leo Harlem. Currently, they are collaborating with Flip Circus in West Hartford, Connecticut, where their dedication and hard work continue to pave the way for a promising future in the world of acrobatics and entertainment.

Daneliya Tuleshova is Making Music Today

Daneliya Tuleshova, the talented singer from Kazakhstan, graced the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and made a significant impact with her performances. Although she didn’t make it to the top 5 and ultimately finished in 6th place, her journey on the show was a remarkable chapter in her career. Before her AGT stint, Daneliya was already a professional singer, having released two singles titled “Da NeL” (Nobody freakin’ knows what the homework is) and “Мой день” (My Day).

Currently, Daneliya resides in Boston, Massachusetts, where she continues to hone her talent. Since her appearance on season 15, Daneliya has released two more singles, “Like You Used To” and “Lucky Me,” showcasing her growth as an artist. She has also leveraged her talent on YouTube, amassing a substantial following. Throughout her journey, Daneliya remains proud of her roots and aspires to bring pride to her hometown through her music.

Kenadi Dodds is Focusing on Her Music Career

Kenadi Dodds, the multi-talented singer, guitarist, and pianist, graced the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’ during Season 15. Her performances captivated the hearts of both viewers and fellow contestants, forming strong bonds, including a close friendship with Daneliya Tuleshova. Since then, Kenadi has been actively pursuing her musical career, performing at independent shows, and sharing her talents with the world. She is on a roll and recently performed at Cherry Peak Resort and in Cache County, Utah, among other venues. Additionally, Kenadi has treated her fans to beautiful covers of songs, demonstrating her ongoing dedication to honing her craft for a promising and bright future in the music industry.

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