Amish in the City: Where is the Cast Now?

‘Amish in the City’ is a groundbreaking reality series that thrust five Amish teenagers into the heart of mainstream American culture. First captivated audiences on UPN in 2004, the show’s unique premise saw the clash of traditional Amish values with the fast-paced, modern lifestyle, as the Amish teens shared a house with six non-Amish counterparts. Since their immersion in English life, the cast has taken diverse paths. While the details of all cast members might not be readily available, we’ve tracked down some and uncovered the fascinating trajectories of their lives post-show.

Kevan Moezzi is Now a World Renowned Stand Up Comedian

Kevan Moezzi, better known as K-Von, emerged as a dynamic force post-show. The once-Amish participant transformed into a world-renowned stand-up comedian, captivating audiences globally with his unique brand of humor. His journey took an entertaining turn in 2007 when he showcased his culinary skills on ‘Hot Guys Who Cook.’ Subsequently, in 2010, he added a comedic twist to dating as he appeared on ‘Disaster Date.’ As K-Von’s career soared, he ventured into various realms of entertainment. He became a prolific content creator, gracing the stage with his comedy specials like ‘Dry Bar Comedy’ in 2020 and his project ‘K-Von Essentials’ in 2023.

Beyond the spotlight, K-Von extended his influence by hosting a Tedx Talk and establishing a presence on YouTube, where he continues to engage his audience. Not limiting himself to the comedy scene, K-Von embraced acting, featuring in projects such as ‘Guardian Angel,’ ‘Jimmy Vestwood: Amerikan Hero,’ and ‘Funny Things About Love.’ A multi-talented artist, K-Von further expanded his portfolio by venturing into the literary world. As the author of ‘Once You Go Everywhere’ and ‘Once You Go Persian,’ he offered readers a glimpse into his experiences and perspectives.

Simultaneously, he played pivotal roles behind the scenes, directing acclaimed projects like ‘Guber’ and ‘A Splash of Nowruz’ through his company, Tanx God Productions. Beyond the entertainment realm, K-Von’s professional journey unfolded in diverse fields. He served as a fitness instructor until 2015 and later transitioned into the corporate world as a Medical Device Sales Specialist at CR Bard. His sales acumen also found expression at The Sharper Image, where he worked as a sales representative for some time. Currently residing in Beverly Hills, California, K-Von continues to influence the entertainment landscape.

Miriam Troyer is a FireMedic Today

Miriam Troyer chose a divergent path from her Amish upbringing by opting not to return to her roots. Instead, she embarked on a remarkable journey, carving out a unique space for herself in the world beyond the traditional Amish lifestyle. Miriam’s transition led her to the dynamic realm of emergency medical services. In a departure from the expected, Miriam pursued a career as an Emergency Room technician, showcasing resilience and adaptability. Along her journey, she encountered personal joys and sorrows, including the loss of her father, Bishop John D. Troyer, on May 13, 2005. Undeterred by challenges, Miriam thrived as a single mother, blessed with the arrival of twin boys, navigating the complexities of parenthood with grace.

Miriam’s professional trajectory soared when she joined Sarasota County Fire Station 12 in 2014 as a firefighter and EMT. Demonstrating her commitment to excellence, she earned her Paramedic certification in April 2017. Today, Miriam stands as a FireMedic and Paramedic-in-Charge, contributing significantly to the field of emergency response. Her dedication extends beyond the call of duty, as she imparts crucial knowledge through fire safety classes at Incarnation Catholic School and lends her expertise to students with special needs at Oak Park School. The accolades for Miriam’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. In 2019, she received recognition at Key Chorale’s Sarasota Choral Festival, highlighting her multifaceted talents and community engagement.

Furthermore, her exceptional service was honored in 2021 when she was bestowed with the Preservation of Life Award by the 16th Congressional District Fire and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Awards. Miriam’s journey is a testament to her resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. Beyond her professional accomplishments, her personal life also blossomed as she found love again. Celebrating her birthday in 2023 with her new partner, Miriam exemplified the triumph of embracing change and forging meaningful connections.

Mose J Gingerich is The Inspiration Behind Mose Schrute

Mose J. Gingerich Chose a divergent path from his Amish roots, steadfast in his decision not to return. In 2022, reflecting on his journey, he asserted, “I can honestly say that I haven’t seriously regretted my decision even once.” This sentiment encapsulates the resilience and conviction that defined his trajectory. Following the reality TV experience, Mose delved into the film world, making projects like ‘Amish at the Altar’ and ‘Amish Out of the Order’ in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Transitioning to the construction industry, he embarked on a six-year entrepreneurial venture, owning his own construction company. Notably, he extended a helping hand to ex-Amish youth, providing them with opportunities to acclimate to the outside world.

A testament to his multifaceted talents, Mose expressed his plans for creating a soundproof room in his basement for recording audiobooks. In 2010, health considerations prompted him to shift gears, leading him to a six-year tenure at Joe Machens Toyota, demonstrating his adaptability and work ethic. His journey took another turn when he ventured into truck driving at Pro Food Systems, delivering freight coast to coast. In 2021, he showcased his creativity by publishing ‘Shadows We Remain,’ a fiction novel. Mose’s influence transcended literature, as his namesake character, Mose Schrute, in ‘The Office,’ drew inspiration from his life.

Continuing his literary pursuits, he released ‘Caroline Creek Chaos’ in 2022. Since May 2023, he has assumed the role of General Contractor at Gingerich Custom Homes, showcasing his versatility in various industries. Beyond professional endeavors, Mose also shared his insights on ‘The Tooth Fairy’ Podcast in May 2022. Currently residing in Missouri, he is the proud father of three children—two girls and a boy—living with his wife.

Randy D. Stoll is Now a Safety Manager

Randy D. Stoll took a resolute stance by choosing not to return to the Amish way of life. His journey, marked by personal loss and newfound connections, showcases a transformative journey. In 2017, he faced the poignant passing of his father, Wilmer Stoll, a pivotal moment that undoubtedly shaped the course of his life. Venturing into new horizons, he relocated from Indiana to embrace the sunny landscapes of Sarasota, Florida.

Professionally, he assumed the role of a safety manager at Core Constructions, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring workplace safety and contributing to the construction industry. On the personal front, Randy’s life took a significant turn in 2020 when he tied the knot with Jennifer Caitlin Stoll. The joyous occasion marked a milestone in his journey, as he embraced the intricacies of married life and, subsequently, parenthood.

Reese Allbritton is a Hairstylist Today

Reese Allbritton embarked on a diverse and multifaceted career that extended beyond the realm of reality TV. With a passion for the arts, he has emerged as a stage and screen actor, singer, songwriter, and dancer. Since 2020, he has delved into the world of hairstyling, serving as a hairstylist at W Hotels. Reese further expands his expertise as a stylist with Logan Media Group Limited and as a freelancer, showcasing his skills in styling, design, and artistic direction. In the entertainment industry, his presence has been notable, with credits in TV series like ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’ and ‘Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother.’ He also appeared on the TV Series ‘Boystown: West Hollywood’ in 2012.

Additionally, Reese flexed his musical prowess in the film ‘Blue Jay’ in 2016. Despite his public persona, Reese maintains a sense of privacy, rarely divulging details about his personal life. Beyond his artistic pursuits, his professional journey also involved collaborations with entities like The Idea Factory, showcasing his versatility in various creative domains. His silence on personal matters adds an air of mystery to his persona, allowing his audience to appreciate the enigmatic nature of his life outside the spotlight.

Jonas P. Kurtz Returned on MTV

Jonas P. Kurtz diverged from his traditional roots by choosing not to return to the Amish way of life after the show’s conclusion. Subsequently, he made waves in the public eye when he surfaced on MTV’s ‘True Life’ in 2010. Despite this brief exposure, Kurtz has since retreated into a realm of privacy, leaving fans and followers curious about the specifics of his post-reality TV existence.

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