Fatih Akin’s ‘Amrum’ Has Begun Filming in Germany and Denmark

Image Credit: Siebbi/Wikimedia Commons

Fatih Akin has begun his exploration of World War II this week! The filming of the period war film ‘Amrum’ has started in Hamburg, Germany, and Denmark on April 22. Akin is directing based on a screenplay he wrote with Hark Bohm. As reported earlier, Jasper Billerbeck, Laura Tonke, and Diane Kruger headline the cast.

Set on the German island of Amrum in the spring of 1945, ‘Amrum’ follows a 12-year-old boy named Nanning, who helps his mother feed their family in World War II’s final days until peace brings new conflicts. Nanning is at home between heather fields and the endless mudflats: Amrum, the North Sea island, is all he knows. With his best friend, he defies the barren nature as best he can to provide for his family during the war.

As the narrative progresses, Nanning and his companion hunt rabbits, kick clods, and trade their prey for essentials. When the going gets tough, the community sticks together, but Nanning confronts the mistrust toward him and his family, who are loyal to the regime. With Hitler’s death, new times begin, and everything changes for the little boy.

Akin’s recent directorial venture, ‘Rheingold,’ delves into the life of Giwar Hajabi, a German hip-hop artist, entrepreneur, and former convict. He co-wrote and directed ‘The Golden Glove,’ a chilling portrayal of a serial killer terrorizing Hamburg in the 1970s. Akin previously collaborated with Bohm to write ‘In the Fade,’ which follows Katja’s journey as she grapples with grief and seeks justice after the tragic loss of her husband and son in a bomb attack.

Tonke has been part of several recent projects. The actress portrayed Miki in the miniseries ‘Sexuell verfügbar,’ in which a mother of two faces grave accusations of rape after a one-night encounter, leading to a potential 15-year sentence and the risk of losing custody of her children. Tonke featured in Michael Klier’s film ‘Zwischen uns der Fluss,’ in which she played Alice, a character convicted of civil disobedience and sentenced to community service. Her recent acting credits extend to productions such as ‘The Diaries of Adam and Eve’ and ‘Maret.’

In ‘A Circus Tale & A Love Song,’ Kruger played Amber, a character caught in the romantic whirlwind surrounding Refugio, a dreamer searching for true love. Kruger’s versatility shines in James Napier Robertson’s ‘Joika,’ in which she embodied Tatiyana Volkova, an American ballet dancer navigating the challenges of Moscow’s renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Her recent repertoire includes appearances in ‘Visions’ and ‘Marlowe.’

The ensemble also includes Lisa Hagmeister (‘Zeit Verbrechen’), Detlev Buck (‘The Flood—Death on the Dike’), Matthias Schweighofer (‘Girl You Know It’s True’), Lars Jessen (‘Das Fest der Liebe’), and newcomer Kian Köppke. Additionally, the project is Jasper Billerbeck’s debut film.

Hamburg is a familiar shooting location for Akin, who previously shot ‘The Golden Glove’ in the city. The region earlier hosted the filming of ‘Bark’ and ‘Maret,’ while Denmark provided the backdrop for ‘The Promised Land’ and ‘Speak No Evil.’

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