Where are Amy and Tammy Slaton From 1000-Lb Sisters Now?

Amy and Tammy Slaton: 1000-Lb Sisters Journey

On January 1, 2020, TLC dropped ‘1000-Lb Sisters,’ a reality show that follows the journey of the Slaton sisters – Amy and Tammy – as they work towards taking charge of their lives by giving up their unhealthy eating habits and focusing more on achieving their desired weight goal to lead a healthy lifestyle. Upon its release, the audiences fell in love with the free-spirited nature of the sisters, as they provided an authentic look into their respective weight-loss journeys.

They were also praised for not holding back on showcasing their little victories and personal setbacks. Now, since the show wrapped up on February 5, 2020, fans have been waiting to catch a glimpse of what the Slaton sisters are up to now. If you’re among them, we have got you covered.

Amy and Tammy Slaton: 1000-Lb Sisters Journey

When Kentucky natives and YouTubers – Amy and Tammy began their weight loss journey, the then 31-year-old Amy weighed 406 lbs, while her sister Tammy was a whopping 605 lbs heavy at the age of 32. The two were cast as the show’s subject because of their cumulative weight, which amounted to 1000 lbs. Amy and Tammy decided to be a part of the show to transform their lives by getting bariatric surgery.


When Amy met Dr. Procter in Atlanta, she expressed her desire to start a family with her husband Mike Halterman, while Tammy wanted to attain mental peace and confidence as she had already tried to end her life once because of her anxiety, stress, diabetes and other ailments. To be eligible for gastric bypass surgery, the two women were advised to lose some weight. Under Dr. Procter’s guidance, Amy and Tammy began to follow a strict diet and also added some amount of exercise to their daily schedule.


However, it wasn’t a cakewalk as they had been suffering from a food addiction since the age of 10 and 11, as they began relying on food for comfort after the tragic passing of their grandmother. Naturally, the sisters engaged in several fights over their journey but their determination and will power stopped them from giving up.

After the end of the show, Dr. Procter informed Amy, that she was eligible for the surgery but unfortunately, her sister Tammy could only drop 50 lbs and was asked to lose more weight. Check out the video where Amy shared her new look with her family! Of course, floodgates were opened.

So, what happened after the show? Are the sisters still on the road to get healthy?

Where are Amy and Tammy Slaton Now?

Throughout their journey on the show, Amy and Tammy lost weight but gained the confidence to not shy away from leading a normal life.


We are aware of Amy’s desire to have a baby, and on her last visit to the gynecologist, she was asked to continue on her path, lose more weight and come back after six months to track her progress. Remember how she said, “I want this child so bad; I already love it?” Well, the queen is on her way to make it a reality, and the latest pictures on her Instagram account prove that she is already lighter than she was when the show ended.


On June 13, 2020, Amy updated her fans on how she cut her hair as the surgery has caused her to lose her hair. She continues to run her YouTube Channel where she shares make-up tutorials.


Amy still follows a healthy diet and goes on walks with her husband, along with taking dancing lessons.


As far as Tammy’s progress is concerned, she has stayed clear of social media since February 2020 but in one of the posts that she shared on Twitter, we can see how she is still abiding by the diet plan given to her by Dr. Procter.

She has moved out of her sister’s apartment and is going strong with Jerry, whom she has been dating for over four years now.

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