Amy Wang’s Slanted Starts Filming in Atlanta Next Month

The filming of Amy Wang’s feature directorial debut ‘Slanted’ will start in Atlanta, Georgia, next month. Wang also penned the movie’s screenplay. The project’s cast is yet to be disclosed.

The plot revolves around Joan Huang, who immigrated to America at the age of 8 and struggled to fit in. Desperate to belong to American society, she stumbles upon a high school prom where she witnesses the crowning of the Prom Queen – an all-American girl who epitomizes everything Joan desires for herself. Since then, Joan has been obsessed with winning Prom Queen and being recognized as an “American.” So much so that when she discovers a new piece of technology that can change her ethnicity, only for her to turn herself into a white girl. After the transformation, Joan’s quest takes a turn when her face starts to rot, and she is forced to face the repercussions of her controversial decision.

Wang was involved in the writing of Netflix’s ‘The Brothers Sun,’ which revolves around Taipei gangster Charles Sun, whose life of violence is disrupted when his father is shot by a mysterious assailant, prompting Charles to return to Los Angeles to safeguard his mother and unwitting younger brother, Bruce. She also served as a staff writer for the recent Netflix production ‘From Scratch,’ in which an artist finds romance with a chef in Italy and embarks on a life-changing journey of love, loss, resilience, and hope across cultures and continents.

As a director, Wang helmed multiple episodes of ‘The Birch,’ a series in which a teenager enlists the help of a forest-dwelling monster. The filmmaker co-wrote and directed ‘Unnatural,’ a short film depicting 18-year-old James’ struggle to find acceptance in a society that rejects him. Additionally, she directed ‘Mary,’ a short movie exploring the unsettling mystery surrounding a religious mother’s daughter and her imaginary friend. Her credits include ‘Eyes of Dawn,’ which delves into a 16-year-old girl’s pursuit of identity in a digital-centric world, highlighting the perils of technology and its impact on her quest for validation.

Atlanta is the backdrop of recently released projects like ‘The Idea of You‘ and ‘Civil War.’

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