Ana and Matthew From 90 Day Fiance: All We Know About Them

’90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise’ introduces Dallas, Texas, native Matthew and his Brazillian fiance, Ana. Since the spinoff show focuses on US citizens who travel to exotic locations in order to build a life with their loved ones, we get to witness Matthew settling down in Ana’s home city of Belo Horizonte. Yet, with Ana mentioning how she has only dated bodybuilders before, one cannot blame fans for wondering if the couple is in it for the long run. Nevertheless, let’s take a detailed look at Ana and Matthew’s relationship to determine if they are still together, shall we?

Matthew & Ana: Bridging Dallas Charm and Belo Horizonte Vibrance

A seemingly down-to-earth and lively individual, Matthew belongs to the city of Dallas in Texas. Although he claimed to hold a day job in the criminal justice system, Matthew’s real passion was in online broadcasting, where he would often take on a funny persona and do silly things to entertain viewers. Readers would be interested to know that Matthew even demonstrated one of his acts on the show, in which he blindfolded himself before using a bat to hit a pinata hanging from the ceiling.

Furthermore, the US native mentioned that apart from enjoying a massive following on the broadcasting platform, the hobby also contributes generously to his total income. On top of it, Matthew insisted that the broadcast brought him close to some of his regular viewers, who have since become friends. On the other hand, Ana, a native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, enjoys an outgoing and active lifestyle.

Apart from training regularly and keeping in shape, Ana is pretty adept at boxing and often surpasses her male counterparts. When talking about her education, Ana stated that even though she has a post-graduate degree in Public Library Management, she currently holds the position of an English Teacher for a TOEFL-level course. On top of it, she even has a knack for healthy living and considers herself to be a vegan.

Social Media Encounter Sparks Connection

Interestingly, Ana and Matthew met while the latter was broadcasting on social media. Although Matthew felt an instant connection right after Ana hopped into his chat, the US native had other concerns to address at that time. Still, once the broadcast ended, he hit Ana up, and the two began conversing through texts and calls. Readers would be surprised to know that during the initial days, Ana was in two minds about Matthew as he was not the kind of guy she would go for.

In fact, while on the show, the Brazilian native mentioned that most of her ex-boyfriends were bodybuilders, and she was unsure if opposites really did attract. However, after getting to know Matthew for a bit, she found herself drawn toward his playful personality, and the pair soon began dating each other exclusively. Even Matthew insisted that Ana was the most beautiful woman he had ever dated, and the US native was pretty scared of messing it up. Still, after about nine months of speaking online, Matthew finally decided to hop on a plane to Brazil to meet the love of his life.

Meanwhile, Ana was overjoyed to pick him up from the airport, and the two even shared a tender moment once they came face to face. Surprisingly, it did not take long for Matthew to realize that Ana was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and he proposed within ten days of their first meeting. Similarly, Ana was thrilled when Matthew asked her the all-important question, and she was only too happy to give her consent.

Matthew and Ana: Building a Future on Mutual Support

Although Matthew and Ana appear to be very much in love, it seems like there might be a few obstacles on their way toward a happily ever after. For starters, Matthew isn’t a bodybuilder like Ana’s ex-boyfriends, and their lifestyles are pretty different. While Ana prefers to enjoy the moment and lead an outdoorsy life, Matthew likes to remain indoors and focus on his broadcasting. Such personal differences will surely create a rift between the two if they cannot meet each other halfway.

On the other hand, the show revealed how Matthew and Ana’s personal and religious beliefs were quite different and might lead to a falling out. Moreover, while the two were spotted arguing over a few minor issues, Matthew worried if he would be able to keep up with Ana and protect her while exploring Brazil’s carnival. However, even though the fiercest of feelings can have a breaking point, Ana and Matthew’s love is pretty genuine, and we believe the pair will have a wonderful life if they lean on each other for support.

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