Ana Carolina Oliveira: Where is Isabella Nardoni’s Mom Now?

Directed by Micael Langer and Cláudio Manoel, Netflix’s ‘A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case,’ AKA ‘Isabella: O Caso Nardoni,’ is a Brazilian crime documentary exploring the details of the death of Isabella Nardoni, a five-year-old girl who was found dead at the bottom of the building that her father lived in. While the passing of the young girl moved the whole of Brazil, few were as severely impacted as Ana Carolina Oliveira, Isabella’s mother. She even appears in the Netflix movie to talk about her feelings, leaving people wondering what she has been up to these days, and we are here to explore the same!

Who is Ana Carolina Oliveira?

Born to José Arcanjo and Rosa Oliveira, Ana Carolina Oliveira, who often goes by her middle name, was born in or around 1984. She grew up alongside her older brother, whose daughter Giovanna Oliveira also appears in the Netflix movie. When Carolina was 17, she became pregnant with her daughter Isabella Nardoni. The development concerned her parents due to her young age. Carolina did get married to the father of her daughter, Alexandre Nardoni, but divorced him when Isabella was only 11 months old.

In the documentary, Carolina mentions that during their four years of co-parenting as a separated couple, she and Alexandre had their fair share of trials and tribulations but apparently had a more amicable relationship initially. However, Carolina admitted that following her former husband’s meeting with Anna Carolina Jatobá, whom he would go on to marry, things did get a bit strained between them. Carolina did add that following the birth of her own children, Jatobá apparently gained more maturity.

Isabella would apparently spend the weekends with her father, which was an arrangement that Carolina expressed she was happy with as it allowed her daughter to bond with her siblings from her father’s side. However, everything changed for the worse on March 29, 2008, when a single call turned Carolina’s world upside down. Upon learning that her daughter had seemingly fallen from the window of her father’s house, Carolina was devastated. After reaching the location in question, she could see Isabella taking slow breaths though she apparently would not dare touch her daughter’s body after reaching her in case she somehow made the condition worse.

Carolina shared in the documentary that she had not even been allowed to ride with her daughter in the back of the ambulance and instead was in the front. It was not long after Isabella was admitted to the hospital that she was pronounced deceased. Though heartbroken, Carolina was still under the assumption that the young girl’s death was an accident. Hence, when Alexandre and Jatobá came under suspicion for deliberately pushing Isabella from their home’s window, she was surprised.

Initially unbelieving that Isabella’s own father could have been responsible for her death, the findings revealed by the investigators and the media apparently started to chip at her resolve. It was not long before Carolina herself was asked to testify in the trial of Alexandre and Jatobá in March 2010. During the proceedings, she shared that Jatobá was apparently jealous of her and that Alexandre had once threatened to kill her over a dispute for alimony. Carolina also added that Jatobá had been the one to call her on the night of Isabella’s death and had allegedly screamed at her that it was all her daughter’s fault.

Following her testimony, the defense team had requested Carolina to remain in the courthouse for the next few days for a potential meeting between her and the two defendants. Describing her stay in the tiny bedroom during that time period, Carolina stated that the experience was harrowing as she was surrounded by the trauma of her daughter’s passing and had no one to socialize with. About three days later, Carolina was released after a psychiatrist stated that she had come under extreme stress. On March 27, 2010, Alexandre and Jatobá were sentenced to prison as they had been found guilty of Isabella’s death as well as for their attempt to clean up the crime scene.

Where is Ana Carolina Oliveira Now?

Despite the wound that Isabella Nardoni’s death has undoubtedly left on Ana Carolina Oliveira, she has continued to live life to the fullest while keeping the memory of her first child alive in her heart. Since then, she has gotten married and explained in the documentary that her husband had been well aware of her pain even when they started dating and continues to support her. Determined to become a mother once again after Isabella’s death, Carolina is now a proud parent to Miguel and Maria Fernanda, who are, as of writing, 7 and 3, respectively.

In April 2023, Carolina shared a post that celebrated the day that her daughter would have turned 21, stating that she continues to love her late daughter with all her heart. Due to her role as the mother of the child whose loss the whole of Brazil mourned deeply, Carolina is a well-known figure in the country. She even has a massive following on the internet, as evident by her Instagram account, which has over 258K followers. We wish Carolina the best in her life and hope that she and her loved ones have a bright future ahead.

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