Andre Pugh: Where is the Killer Husband Now?

The murder of Tiffany Jackson Pugh on November 23, 2014, shocked the city of Atlanta, Georgia, given just how well-loved she was. The murder had been reported by her DJ husband, Andre Pugh, who seemed to be devasted by the development. Hence, his own involvement in the crime was something that few had anticipated, and many found to be horrifying. The case is well-explored in ‘Real Murders of Atlanta: Deadly Turn’ as well as ‘Dateline: Sound and Fury.’

Andre Pugh Panned For His Wife’s Death

The thriving music and DJ scene in Atlanta, Georgia, served as the perfect ground for Andre Pugh, who began working for Club Onyx as DJ Awesome. On the other hand, Tiffany Pugh had moved to the city to build a better life and became an employee of Delta Airlines. Thanks to her professionalism and skills, she was well-liked by her co-workers. It was through their mutual love for music that Andre and Tiffany met, and they soon fell in love with each other. They ended up getting married in 2009 and moved to the suburban area of East Point, Georgia. By late 2014, Andre and Tiffany had welcomed two children, a daughter and a son, into their lives and had gained many well-wishers in the city.

To many, their family seemed to be doing well, but things changed on November 23, 2014, when Andre called the police around 6 am in the morning to report that his wife had been murdered. When the emergency services arrived, they discovered Tiffany dead in her bed. She had passed away only a few minutes before the police had arrived. Initially, the police believed that Tiffany’s death was a home invasion gone wrong. That assumption came under fire when initial findings uncovered that nothing had been taken from home by whoever had attacked Tiffany. Andre himself appeared to be grieving and claimed that Tiffany had been the love of his life, and he could not understand how to move on.

He claimed that he had been working at Club Onyx the whole night. The police were able to confirm Andre’s alibi but also discovered that another person associated with the establishment had died that year. The person in question was DJ Nando, a highly popular DJ who had been shot in an alleged ambush on January 14, 2014. The investigators checked to see if there were any links between the cases and if someone was targeting DJs and their loved ones. The security footage within the house was also checked, but nothing concrete could be found.

However, when the police checked a neighbor’s security footage, they saw a black car circling the block thrice in the early hours of November 23, 2014, and even parked outside the victim’s home. One noticeable feature about the car was that the headlight toward the driver’s side did not seem to be working. Given that the police knew that Andre and Tiffany’s home had an intruder alarm system, the DJ was questioned further, and he claimed that he had indeed gotten a call from the security team sometime between 5:30 and 5:45 am.

Tiffany Pugh

The alert from the security team had apparently prompted Andre to call Tiffany three times, but she never picked up the call. Hence, he drove back home and found his wife shot. He continued to act as a grieving husband, but things changed when the police talked with some of Tiffany’s co-workers at Delta, who revealed that Tiffany had apparently been having some marital problems and was actually ready for a divorce. When questioned about the same, Andre claimed that their disputes had not been anything different from those of a normal couple. Not satisfied with Andre’s answers, the police decided to search his phone, which unfolded the true picture of his relationship with Tiffany.

She had told Andre that she was ready to leave him, and her husband was passionately asking her to reconsider this. At the time, though, he was seemingly also texting with many other women in an intimate manner. Phone records also indicated that Andre had been talking to his best friend, Adrian Harley, around the same time as Tiffanty’s death. Investigations revealed that Adrian had indeed been in the same block as Andre and Tiffany’s home around the time of the murder. As for Adrian’s alibi, Andre himself stated that he had apparently left the club, claiming he had something to do but had not returned it for hours.

Both Andre and Adrian were arrested on December 5, 2014, with the belief that Andre had been the one with the motivation and Adrian had been the one to pull the trigger. It was claimed that Andre was not happy that his divorce from Tiffany might lead him to lose his home, as the latter was the one who earned more and had that mortgage under her name. After his arrest, Andre claimed that Adrian had confessed to him that he had killed Tiffany, indicating that his friend had been behind the whole thing. He stated that it was because Tiffany had owed Adrian some money, but the investigators found this to be highly unlikely. Adrian, though, refused to talk without a lawyer. Despite being prime suspects, Andre and Adrian had been bailed out shortly after their arrest.

Andre Pugh is in Prison For Life

Andre Pugh stood on trial about two years after the murder of Tiffany Pugh. Despite his insistence that he had not planned to murder his wife, the police found him to be the most likely suspect. Hence, he was charged with murder as well as possession of a firearm during a crime. The trial began in September 2018, with Tiffany’s family and friends hoping to see justice be meted out. The prosecutors presented a compelling case against Andre regarding his motives and actions against his wife.

After all the evidence was presented, the jury did find that Andre was responsible for the death of his wife. For the crime of murder, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was also given a five-year sentence for possessing a firearm during a crime. His active incarceration began on October 23, 2018. As of writing, he is a resident of the Hancock State Prison, which is located in Hancock County, Georgia.

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