Tiffany Pugh’s Dad and Kids Lead Private Lives Today

The death of Tiffany Pugh, wife of Andre Pugh, on November 23, 2014, was a heartbreaking event for many. Those most severely affected by the tragedy were her father, Tommy Jackson, as well as her two kids, Jasmine and Andre Jr Pugh. In season 2, episode 7 of ‘Real Murders of Atlanta: Deadly Turn’ as well as season 32, episode 39 of ‘Dateline: Sound and Fury,’ the viewers not only learn more about the murder but also how it impacted those close to her.

Tiffany Pugh’s Father and Kids Were Devastated By Her Death

The passing of Tiffany Pugh was something that her loved ones could barely forget. Her father, Tommy Johnson, confessed that he had got to learn about the loss when he received a call from Andre Pugh’s brother. Learning that his firstborn child with Patricia Jackson was murdered was something that he could scarcely believe. He fondly recalled how Tiffany, who had been born in Rochester, New York, had been determined to move to Atlanta, Georgia, as she felt that the city had much more to offer.

Tommy also recalled how when he first met Andre Pugh, he thought of him as an upstanding one. In fact, seeing his daughter transition into the role of a wife and later a mother was something that Tommy had found happiness in. Hence, he was quite adamant about receiving justice, and when it became clear that it was Andre who had been behind Tiffany’s death, he could not help but feel shocked. He also felt devastated when, shortly after the December 5, 2014, arrest of two prime suspects, Andre and Adrian Harley, they were released on bail.

When the trial for Andre began, Tommy attended the event, and he described it as traumatic. He stated that every single detail of how his daughter had been killed was explained in meticulous detail. Going through it had been hard for Tommy, but he soldiered through it in order to see justice being delivered through his own eyes. When the time came for Adrian’s trial, the process was like reopening closed wounds, but it resulted in a successful conviction.

As for Tiffany’s children, Jasmine and Andre Jr. Pugh, they had all been in the same house as their mother when she was murdered. Out of the two, Jasmine was born first, and Andre Jr. was the youngest. In fact, when the police arrived at the crime scene in the early hours of November 23, 2014, they were greeted with the heartbreaking scene of Andre Jr. on top of his mother, trying desperately to wake up Tiffany to no avail.

Where are Tiffany Pugh’s Father and Kids Now?

For the most part, Tommy Jackson prefers to lead a life away from the limelight. The amount of media attention that his daughter’s death has received over the years has been quite significant. While he does not seem to be a very public person, Tommy has indeed shared his side of the story with the world. He also attended the trials against his daughter’s killers and found himself highly saddened about all that had transpired. Despite the long wait that he had to ensure, he remained resilient in the face of this travesty. His wife and Tiffany’s mother, Patricia Jackson, had already been deceased when the mother of two had been murdered in November 2014.

Meanwhile, the lives of Tiffany’s kids, Jasmine and Andre Jr. Pugh, were turned upside down in a matter of days. They were likely already reeling from the shocking death of their mother when their father, Andre Pugh, emerged as the prime suspect in the case and was arrested on December 5, 2018. While he was initially out on bail, his trial in September 2018 resulted in him being convicted for life.

Due to their father’s actions, Jasmine and Andre Jr. Pugh tragically lost both of their parental figures. Given their young age at the time, many felt their heartbreak over how things would turn out for the two. We are sure that they do have a strong support system, with people like their grandfather, Tommy Jackson, always looking out for them. Presently, both kids are likely still in school and seem to prefer leading lives away from the public’s eyes.

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