Andreea and Cage from Prison Brides: Everything We Know

Being in a relationship with someone in prison demands courage, sacrifice, and a deep level of understanding, making it a challenging endeavor. The docuseries ‘Prison Brides’ showcases the stories of women facing such circumstances, including Andreea. She encountered Cage while he was serving time, and considering his lengthy sentence, it appears she’ll have to wait a considerable time before experiencing a regular life with him.

Everything We Know About Andreea

Andreea, originally from Romania, spent a significant part of her formative years in Italy alongside her younger sister, Vanessa. Later, she relocated to London to pursue studies in business and management. Around the age of 22, Andreea began corresponding with Cage, an individual serving time in a US prison. Feeling lonely, she discovered a platform facilitating communication with incarcerated individuals and developed a natural connection with Cage. Eventually, when Andreea turned 25, they had been in a relationship for nearly three years.

Andreea and Cage decided to take their relationship to the next level, realizing the depth of their connection. Feeling a sense of marital commitment, they chose to get married. However, Andreea faced the challenge of breaking this news to her closely-knit family, including her parents, Alexandru and Geta. To their surprise, Andreea revealed that she was going to marry someone incarcerated. Her parents, who had been together for over 20 years, emphasized the importance of commitment and effort in sustaining a long-term relationship.

Despite their reservations, they ultimately gave their blessings to Andreea, understanding her desires, and she began preparing for her prison wedding. Andreea openly discussed her wedding plans with her friends, and they were surprised to learn that, even after marriage, she wouldn’t have private time with Cage. Some friends questioned how she could proceed with marriage without physical intimacy, but Andreea clarified that, for her, the spiritual connection held greater significance than the physical one.

While choosing her wedding dress with her cousin Denise, Andreea received disheartening news that all Texas prisons, including the one where Cage was serving his sentence, had been closed for visitors due to contraband seizures and inmate violence. Despite the setback, Andreea was determined to view it as another challenge that she and Cage would face and overcome together.

Everything We Know About Cage

Cage Chaparro’s upbringing was marked by the challenges of being raised by a single mother who supported him and his three brothers without any financial assistance from their father. Lacking guidance, Cage found himself in trouble during his juvenile years. At the age of 17, he took a lead role in planning an armed robbery involving six others. Recognized as the leader of a teenage robbery ring that carried out a series of home invasions and burglaries starting in October 2012, Cage faced legal consequences.

In March 2014, he was convicted, and the judge, disapproving of his actions, sentenced him to 50 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after 25 years. Cage Chaparro expressed that Andreea’s smile initially captivated him, and he discovered in her a partner with whom he envisioned a future. He emphasized how she makes him feel alive, citing an example of her trip to Rome, where receiving pictures from her made it feel as if he traveled to Rome with her. Presently incarcerated at the Alfred D. Hughes Unit in Texas, Cage eagerly awaits his marriage to Andreea, hoping to begin their life together once he is eligible for parole in 2037. Once released, he aspires to be the best husband and father possible.

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