Catherine and Gabriella From sMothered: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Catherine Galasso Vigorito/Instagram

‘sMothered,’ a reality TV series that has captivated audiences with its heartwarming and sometimes eyebrow-raising portrayals of extraordinary mother-daughter relationships. This celebrated show, known for delving into the lives of duos whose bonds transcend the conventional, has become a sensation, and its much-anticipated fifth season, which premiered on December 12, 2023, promises more endearing moments and captivating stories.

In this latest installment, one particular mother-daughter pair has emerged into the spotlight—Catherine Galasso Vigorito and Gabriella Vigorito. Their dynamic, marked by matching outfits and shared aspirations in the world of beauty pageants, has piqued the curiosity of viewers. It will be fun to unravel their connection and find out everything we can about them.

Everything We Know About Catherine Galasso Vigorito

At 56 years old, Catherine is a devoted mother of three daughters, having raised them on the East Coast. While her relationships with her other two daughters, Lauren and Sophia, are undeniably close, it is with Gabriella that Catherine shares a uniquely special and profound connection. In an interview, Catherine expressed that she feels a soulful bond with Gabriella that transcends her connections with her other children. This extraordinary connection, she revealed, was palpable from the moment Gabriella was born, describing her youngest daughter as nothing short of an angel in her life.

Catherine was previously married to Frankie Galasso, although details about their separation remain unclear. She achieved the title of Miss USA Connecticut in 1988, marking a significant accomplishment in her life. Demonstrating her dedication and work ethic, Catherine built a flourishing career over 12 years as an account executive for Clear Channel Radio. Additionally, she contributed her talents to the Full Power Radio Group. However, Catherine’s ambitions extended beyond her radio career, leading her to author her first book, ‘The Treasure of a New You: Transformation for Your Heart and Soul,’ published in 1998. She continued to share her insights through three more books, with her latest release titled ‘The Open Window: 8 Weeks to Creating an Extraordinary Life’ in 2012.

Catherine, a resident of Clinton, has not only excelled in the realm of literature but has also become a nationally syndicated author of a weekly newspaper column. Her enduring commitment to inspiring and motivating people spans over two decades, making her a respected voice in the community. Beyond her literary endeavors, Catherine is a QVC product designer, contributing to her multifaceted career. Her brand, A New You Worldwide, has gained international acclaim, featuring various product lines, including the celebrated “Born in Grace” products and “Catherine’s Garden Stakes.”

Catherine and Gabriella gained widespread attention when they ventured into creating TikTok content together. The striking resemblance between the mother and daughter led to viral popularity, with many admirers dubbing Catherine as Gabriella’s twin. Catherine, who herself holds the title of Miss USA Connecticut 1988, aspires to coach Gabriella in excelling at pageantry. Beyond the realm of competitions, Catherine sees pageantry as a means to impart valuable life lessons to Gabriella, emphasizing the virtues of perseverance and dedication.

Everything We Know About Gabriella Vigorito

Born on April 5, 2000, Gabriella is now 23 years old. While details about her early education and schooling are not widely known, what is evident is the deep love and connection she shares with her mother, Catherine. In an interview, Gabriella expressed that people have frequently referred to her as her mother’s twin. Due to their strong bond, they often dressed alike and enjoyed a lot of fun together. Even though her other two sisters may not have been as enthusiastic about such playful behavior, Gabriella and her mother fondly nicknamed them the “simple sisters” and continued to embrace their unique closeness.

Gabriella has made a name for herself as both a stylist and a model, actively engaging in these pursuits. Her career has seen her participate in the prestigious New York Fashion Week multiple times, collaborating with renowned international brands. In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Gabriella has gained significant recognition as a content creator on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where her videos garner substantial views. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she aspires to win the Miss USA Connecticut title and has achieved remarkable success, announcing in September 2023 that she secured a place in the top 5, with no plans of taking a break from pageantry in the foreseeable future.

For Gabriella, her mother is not just a parent but an idol whose influence has been profound. Growing up, Gabriella adorned her room with a large poster of her mother, reflecting the admiration she holds for Catherine. The prospect of being coached by her mother for pageantry is an exciting and meaningful endeavor for Gabriella, as she envisions it as an opportunity to strengthen their bond even further.

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