Is sMothered Real or Fake?

‘sMothered’ is a fantastic offering by TLC, where we learn that a mother-daughter relationship can transcend to new heights. The love of a parent is incredible, but what happens when it gets a little too overwhelming. ‘sMothered’ looks at mother-daughter duos whose relationships are uncomfortably close. Naturally, all the bonds are not healthy, and some lead to awkward family dynamics. However, there have been mixed responses, with several daughters coming out in support of their mothers, and explaining in great detail how they’re best friends with their moms. While we are in two minds about accepting an overbearing relationship, an even more pressing question is whether ‘sMothered’ is real or scripted.

Is sMothered Scripted?

As a reality series, one expects certain embellishments here and there, including interferences from producers. Naturally, the interventions are aimed at increasing or highlighting a dramatic moment, drawing in more viewers. However, when it comes to a series like ‘sMothered,’ a fundamental question arises whether the cast members are actors or actual people. There are some internet sleuths bent on proving that the show is fake, and after extensive digging, they have put forth the evidence that Cher Hubsher happens to be an aspiring actress who’s appeared in some small parts. Adrian McCovy, whose daughter appears in Season 1, is also an actor.

However, just because some members are actors or have acted in the past, does not mean they are acting on the show. It is easier for actors to be on reality shows, nonetheless, because they can follow cues from producers better, and deliver on the kind of content the team needs to make the show a success. That said, ‘sMothered’ has an application process on the website, which calls mothers and daughters with extremely close relationships. Those who take the traditional bond to new heights are given a chance to appear on television. Many merely choose to do so, to highlight how strong their relationships are.

For example, Sunhe and Angelica’s bond is so strong that if they do not like the partners the other person is dating, the relationship is usually doomed. Therefore, there is an implicit understanding between the mothers and daughters, which is not just evident in the series, but in subsequent interviews as well. Of all the things that can be faked, a sincere relationship cannot be a charade for any meaningful period. Thus, the mother-daughter bonds seem authentic in ‘sMothered.’

Even if there are some embellishments, one must accept it as part of reality television. After all, we should take things with a pinch of salt, and there’s no denying that ‘sMothered’ manages to keep things exciting and insightful for viewers. So, finally, is the show scripted? No, for the most part, ‘sMothered’ appears to be authentic. However, don’t believe everything you see on the screen. Some dramatic elements are added for the pleasure of the viewers, and to provide an enjoyable viewing experience.

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