Are Andy and Kayleigh From Baewatch Still Together? 

Channel4 believes the real test of every relationship is to bring it under the scrutiny of their loved ones. Popular opinion holds that monitoring each movement of a couple is unhealthy and cannot end well for anyone. But the concept surely makes a great premise for an emotional spectacle. The show “Baewatch: Parental Guidance” earned a good deal of reputation when it was premiered in March 2019. ‘Team Kandy’ was the couple to kick-start the famous dating series by appearing in its first episode. But did the two survive the pressure so early on in their relationship or did the millennial couple crumble underneath?   

Andy and Kayleigh: Baewatch Journey

Heard the modern love-story of a girl and a guy stalking each other’s social media accounts and then one of them takes on the task to slide into another’s ‘DM’? That is exactly how Andy, a 27-year-old personal trainer, first contacted Kayleigh Foster, a 25-year-old model. They were not even living in the same country when they thought about taking the leap of faith and beginning their journey together. With Andy living in Sydney and Kayleigh based in the UK, they gave a shot at a long-distance relationship. 

Only after meeting twice, the couple planned an exotic holiday to Antalya, Turkey. They spent time exclusively with each other, unknowingly under the surveillance of Kayleigh’s grandmother (‘Nan’) and her sister Keisha. Meeting for the first time in a luxurious resort was bound to trigger them sexually and the two get physically intimate quite frequently. This comes off as a bad thing for the spectators and they are not sure if the couple actually knows each other on a substantial level. They discover a completely different side of Kayleigh that they had no clue about before the show. Andy is put through a lot of embarrassment when his girlfriend’s family finds out the sex toys he had brought along in his luggage.  

Expectedly, he fails to leave a decent first impression on them. In Nan’s judgement, the relationship seems to be driven by “lust” alone. His best friend and former crush, Rebecca, also gatecrashes their holiday but only to shed some light on Andy’s side of the story. After speaking to her, Nan and Eleisha get a better understanding of his character. By the end of the episode, it seems unlikely that the budding romance of three weeks and just two meetings would survive such a level of intrusion and breach of privacy. Kayleigh and Andy do not seem to recover from the shock of having been observed by so many people.

Are Andy and Kayleigh Still together?

Surprisingly, the episode ends on a happy note as Andy manages to clarify his intentions for his “girlfriend”, a tag he is able to give only after spending all this time alone. “Team Kandy” turns into a serious relationship and has been for a year now. Both of them have turned their Instagram profiles into private accounts so not much can be commented on for sure. It is speculated that the couple lived together in Australia for sometime after they holidayed there in 2019. But there is no doubt that the two are still happily together as only recently, Kayleigh posted a picture of them together claiming him with a heart ‘emoticon’.

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