20 Best Anime Like High School DxD You Must See

‘High School DxD’ is one of the most popular anime. When it comes to harem anime, very few shows can claim to be as good as ‘High School DxD.’ The action-packed supernatural show with ecchi elements is based on Ichiei Ishibumi’s light novel series of the same name. The anime revolves around Issei Hyoudou, a perverted high schooler who gets brutally murdered on his first date by a fallen angel.

Fortunately, a high-level devil named Rias Gremory reincarnates the unambitious teenager and makes him a servant. It marks the beginning of a very crucial phase of his life as Ichiei learns the art of survival in the unforgiving world of angels and devils. Since its release, the series has garnered a massive fan following, so it’s natural for people to look for more shows similar to it. If you are also looking for some recommendations, then you have come to the right place. You can watch several of these anime like ‘Highschool DxD’ on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu.

20. Chainsaw Man (2022)

‘High School DxD’ fans who are looking for anime revolving around perverted protagonists and devils, should definitely check out ‘Chainsaw Man.’ The series follows a destitute young adult named Denji who is struggling to make ends meet and whose life comes to an untimely halt when he is betrayed by a yakuza and killed subsequently. Luckily, his pet Chainsaw Devil Pochita watches the drama unfold right in front of his own eyes and decides to fuse with Denji’s body to give him another chance at life. After being bestowed with the immense powers of his devil pet, the perverted protagonist decides to live the best life possible pursuing his mindless carnal desires and fulfilling the desires that have always seemed unrealistic before. The action-packed series with its steamy moments and the cast of attractive female characters has a lot in common with ‘High School DxD’ as fans may have already noticed.

19. Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet (2020)

Although ‘Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet’ is an isekai series, it has one crucial similarity with ‘High School DxD.’ The show follows Kurumi Tokisaki, who gets reincarnated in an alternate world and meets a quasi-spirit known as Hibiki Higoromo. There she learns about the dangerous killing game between quasi-spirits which is somewhat similar to the conflict we see between different factions in ‘High School DxD.’ Furthermore, both anime have a powerful cast of female characters who are strong-headed and relentlessly pursue what they want.

18. Girlfriend, Girlfriend (2021 -)

You may wonder what ‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ is doing on the list. While premise-wise it is nothing like ‘High School DxD,’ fans of the show who are looking for another harem anime with a cast of beautiful female characters and some fanservice moments will probably enjoy ‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend.’ The anime follows Naoya, an ordinary high schooler who is proposed by Nagisa Minase. But he is conflicted about his response as he already has a girlfriend named Saki Saki. Unable to say no to Nagisa, Naoya ends up dating both girls at the same time. ‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend revolves around the life of the eccentric trio, which gets further complicated as more girls show interest in Naoya.

17. Maken-Ki! (2011 – 2014)

Takeru Ooyama enrolls at Tenbi Academy with the expectation that he will get to freely ogle at beautiful girls as much as he wants. But he soon finds out that the school is not for ordinary people as the students there wield magical powers and employ weapons known as maken in school-sanctioned battles. Takeru like Issei Hyoudou from ‘High School Dxd’ is a perverted teenager who ends up finding himself surrounded by voluptuous women who possess mythical powers. Therefore, ‘Maken-Ki!’ is a great watch for the fans of the ‘High School Dxd’ who are looking for something similar.

16. The Fruit of Grisaia (2014 – 2019)

After arriving at the Mihama Academy, Yuuji Kazami learns that the school looks like a prison and has only five female students. Each student has enrolled there because of some circumstantial reason and Kazami is expected to not get pry into the student’s personal life. But things change and eventually he ends up getting involved with the girl there on his accord not realizing that he may end up unnecessarily putting himself in danger. ‘The Fruit of Grisaia’ like ‘High School DxD’ follows a boy who finds himself in a high school where he gets involved in the complicated life of female students. Both the shows have a ton of fanservice moments and are quite entertaining to watch.

15. Seven Mortal Sins (2017 – 2018)

Eager to watch another show about angels and demons that ends up involving an unsuspecting human? Well, ‘Seven Mortals Sins’ might just be the show you are looking for. The anime follows God’s archangel who is cast out of heaven and falls into the depths of hell. After her powers are sealed away by Seven Sins, the ruling Demon Lords of Hell, Lucifer vows revenge. She makes a young schoolgirl named Maria her immortal slave and sets out to achieve her twisted goal. Interestingly, the relationship shared by Maria and Lucifer is somewhat similar to what we witness in the protagonist of ‘High School DxD’ form with Ria. There are other similarities too that are mentioned above which makes ‘Seven Mortal Sins’ a great watch for the fans of ‘High School DxD.’

14 Bikini Warriors (2016 – 2018)

‘Bikini Warriors’ follows female adventurers who fight against dangerous monsters and hostile magicians while exploring a fantastical world. These curvaceous female protagonists are brave and powerful just like some of the characters we meet in ‘High School DxD.’ Both shows recount an exciting story full of action and drama. There is no dearth of fanservice moments in them as well.

13. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (2015)

After ending up on the exotic island of Mermaid following her kidnapping, Mamori Tokonome is attacked. When castaway Mirei Shikishima helps her by invigorating her powers, Tokonome is finally introduced to the strange world that she now inhabits. Just like the protagonist of ‘High School DxD,’ Mamori is also initially reluctant to accept the supernatural elements of her world. But eventually, she has no option but to get involved. Furthermore, ‘Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid’ also explores themes like loyalty and friendship.

12. Actually, I am… (2015)

Asahi Kuromine has always liked Youko Shiragami but could never gather the courage to express his feelings. But when he learns that she is actually a vampire, her father decides to take her out of school as it could potentially lead to tragic consequences down the line. Realizing that he won’t ever see his crush, Asahi convinces Youko’s father that he will keep her secret and protect her at all costs.

Unfortunately, he can barely keep any secrets to himself, and protecting Youko’s identity becomes extraordinarily complicated when more mythical creatures enroll in the school. ‘Actually, I am…’ or ‘Jitsu wa Watashi wa’ is an underrated supernatural anime that typically revolves around legendary creatures — something fans of ‘High School DxD’ will surely appreciate and enjoy. You can find all the episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll.

11. Highschool of the Dead (2010)

When an unprepared world is swept by a horrifying pandemic that turns humans into zombies, Takashi Kimuro makes the life-changing decision to kill his friend after he has succumbed to the undead. But as he begins his search for human life, he is greeted by a frightening silence and comes face-to-face with a fallen society.

Luckily, he later reunites with Rei Miyamoto, his friend’s lover, and other surviving students who vow to fight back and start a search for their loved ones. Just like ‘High School DxD,’ ‘Highschool of the Dead‘ is also an action-packed supernatural anime with ecchi and harem elements that feature a lot of bold semi-nude/nude scenes that fans will definitely relish. The series can be watched on Hulu.

10. Otome Youkai Zakuro (2010)

Despite being the second Lieutenant and the son of a powerful military general, Kei Agemaki has never been able to win the psychological war with his fear of paranormal beings. Unfortunately, when he is assigned to the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, Kei is left with no option as he begins to look into paranormal cases that directly challenge him to confront his biggest fear.

While ‘Otome Youkai Zakuro’ has few similarities with ‘High School Dxd,’ we highly recommend adding it to your watchlist as it is a criminally underrated supernatural show that fans of the latter will probably find entertaining. You can watch the anime on VRV.

9. Bakemonogatari (2009 – 2018)

‘Bakemonogatari’ follows a younger adult named Koyomi Araragi, who barely survives a vampire attack because of the heroic efforts of Meme Oshino, a mysterious man who lives in an abandoned building. While she mostly escapes unharmed and turns into a human being again, Koyomi still has some supernatural powers following the incident.

However, she does not let the tragedy affect her and uses it as an opportunity to collaborate with Oshino to save more lives by curing supernatural maladies — a path that leads to several confrontations with demons and other mythical creatures. While ‘Bakemonogatari’ does not have ecchi and harem elements like ‘High School DxD,’ the supernatural show has a highly engaging premise and with several overlapping themes that still make it an exciting watch. The series is available on Funimation.

8. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. (2012)

Most of the time, Ryousuke Kaga is lost in his perverted erotic imagination and makes people so uncomfortable that his classmates have to ostracize him. While his lustful perversion may not seem to be of much use when he comes across a Lisara Restall, a Soul Reaper, the two strangers make a contract according to which Ryousuke will allow her to use his sexual desires as a source of energy.

Lisara has arrived in the human realm to find a magically potent person, and now, with Ryousuke as a companion, she sets out to accomplish her mission only to come across the dark secrets of the human world accidentally. From sexually provocative scenes to supernatural themes, ‘Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.’ has a lot to offer to the fans of ‘High School DxD.’ The anime is available here.

7. Omamori Himari (2010)

Yuuto Amakawa is an orphan who leads a quiet and monotonous life until he is ambushed for the sins of his ancestor by a supernatural creature. Luckily, a mysterious cat-woman named Himari arrives at the right time and defends him. The shocked and bewildered protagonist learns that he is the scion of a powerful family of demon-slayers, and the charms that have protected him all his life are no longer going to save him.

Yuuto, who has lived an unremarkable life, is suddenly thrown into a world filled with supernatural forces where he also gets the unwanted attention of countless women. Fans of ‘High School DxD’ can easily see the parallels in the premise of both shows and should therefore add ‘Omamori Himari’ to their watchlist. You can stream all the episodes on Funimation.

6. The Familiar of Zero (2006 – 2012)

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, a narcissistic mage who studies at a well-known school for magicians named Tristain Academy, is often teased by her classmates for her inability to use spells. While attending a summoning class, she accidentally summons Saito Hiraga and proves that she may not be a that bad magician as some people believe.

While she treats Hiraga as a slave, Louise vows to show her classmates that she is a far better mage than anyone of them. Meanwhile, Saito tries to come to terms with his new life. Just like Issei, Hiraga also suddenly finds himself in servitude of another person for no fault of his own, while the female protagonists in both shows have some supernatural powers and use them to keep the main characters servile. You can catch it here.

5. Shinmai Maou no Testament (2015)

When his father remarries and brings home two step-sisters, Basara Toujou, a former member of a clan of Heroes may not have imagined in his wildest dreams that one of them will turn out to be the daughter of the demon lord while the other a servant. The values of his former clan dictate him to fight the two but having accepted them in his family, Basara decides to protect them instead.

While he puts his life on the line for them, the protagonist hides his own tragic, dark secrets. Like Issei, who finds himself in the conflicted world of demons, Basara also gets emotionally and sexually involved with demons who are supposed to be his sworn enemies. Like ‘High School DxD,’ ‘Shinmai Maou no Testament’ has no dearth of sexual 18+ content, with a lot of other similar themes. You can watch all the episodes on Funimation.

4. Rosario + Vampire (2008)

When Tsukune Aono cannot get enrolled into any high school because of his average grades, his parents send him to Youkai Academy, a boarding school for monsters where they learn to coexist with humans. Survival in the perilous realm is not easy, as any humans spotted on school grounds must be executed, but Tsukune decides to stay despite the dangers because of his love interest, Moka Akashiya.

Tsukune’s survival at the Youkai academy will definitely remind fans of Issei from ‘High School DxD,’ who is suddenly thrown into a world of chaos and violence. The protagonist also has somewhat similar romantic exploits and sexually explicit encounters with voluptuous female characters. The anime is available here.

3. Strike the Blood (2013 – 2014)

Kojou Akatsuki’s seemingly ordinary life changes forever when he surprisingly gains the powers of a vampire after a strange incident. Aware of the destructive abilities that he can later master, the Lion King Organization sends sword-shaman Yukina Himeragi to keep an eye on him and even execute the teenager if the condition deems it necessary. But to everyone’s surprise, the duo ends up forming an unexpected alliance to fight against chaotic forces.

Both borderline hentai anime, ‘Strike the Blood’ and ”High School DxD,’ have harem and ecchi elements. Moreover, the male protagonists of the shows are turned into supernatural beings who slowly learn to adapt to their newfound abilities. Therefore, if you have watched either one of them, you will surely find the other entertaining as well. The anime is available for streaming on VRV.

2. Demon King Daimao (2010)

Demon King Daimao‘ follows Akuto Sai, a teenager who enrolls in the prestigious Constant Magic Academy with the dream of changing the world for the better. Unfortunately, all his expectations begin to fall apart after a prophecy reveals that he will become the Demon King. He is soon ostracized from his social circle and is left to fend for himself. With his newly awakened powers, Akuto vows not to let the predictions come true and decides to fight the prophecy to fulfill his dream of making the world a better place.

Tons of fanservice moments, semi-nude scenes that send the sexual tension off the roof, demon magic, harem, and ecchi elements are just some of the many similarities that ‘Demon King Daimao’ and ‘High School DxD’ share. While there may be a few stark differences too, but overall the overlapping themes would definitely make the former an entertaining watch for the fans of the latter as well. You can stream the series here.

1. Prison School (2015)

Hachimitsu Private Academy is an eminent all-girls boarding school located on the outskirts of Tokyo that have played a crucial role in shaping the country by providing quality education. So, when it opens its gates for boys, only five applications are accepted in the first semester. Isolated and ignored, they try to invade the privacy of other students by trying to get a glimpse of the girl while they take a bath and are rightly sent to school’s prison after the infamous Underground Student Council catches them in the act.

It marks the beginning of their horrible struggle during the month-long imprisonment that tests their bond and friendship. Like Issei from ‘High School DxD’ who becomes a servant, the five boys, too, in a way, are enslaved in ‘Prison School.’ Furthermore, both the shows are set in a high school with voluptuous female characters and feature a lot of bold naked and semi-naked scenes. The harem anime is available on Funimation.

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