16 Best Anime Sex Scenes of All Time

Over the years, anime has amassed an unbelievable loyal fanbase. Although there are anime for kids, like ‘Sinchan’ and ‘Doraemon’, many anime are geared towards teens and adults. This is the reason why we have often encountered boob-related jokes in series like ‘Bleach’ or ‘Naruto’. Of course, even children watch these shows as the plot and characters are fun, but to provide something extra for young adults and adults some adult humour is added. But we are currently focusing on anime that have adult themes.

Many of us have encountered sex scenes in such adult anime movies and many of us have enjoyed it. So, for all the anime sex lovers we have a compiled a list of top anime sex scenes ever. Remember filming sex scenes are never easy — whether it be movies or TV shows. But these anime have done an incredible job in making sure that the sex scenes are tastefully done. By the way, don’t be mistaken. These are not anime porn movies or hentai sex scenes. You can watch many of these best anime sex scenes on Crunchyroll, Youtube or even Netflix.

1. Wolf’s Children (2012)

Wolf Children

Let’s kickstart with an interspecies humping. ‘Wolf’s Children’ is a great anime movie. I recommend it to every anime lover. It is a good movie with a nice concept. The plot follows the life of two half wolf, half human kids Ame and Yuki and their mother Hana. It is a fun movie to watch. Hana is the female protagonist of this movie. I feel that she is one of the best anime characters. She is smart, lovely, brave, and ,as we get to know, a fantastic mom.

She used to be a diligent college student. There she is attracted to a mysterious man who takes just one class. The man seems to be harbouring a secret that Hana doesn’t know about. They get into a relationship but on a full moon night the man turns into a Werewolf. Hana stays true to her love and they decide to stay together and start their own family. Soon, Hana gives birth (process described below) to the two aforementioned kids. But the question is where did Ame and Yuki arrive from? For kids reading this, the answer is they were brought to Hana as a gift by half wolf, half storks. For grown-ups- Hana boned a werewolf and yes we get to see it in the movie. But in a silhouette form.

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2. Scum’s Wish (2017)

Scum's Wish

‘Scum’s Wish’ falls in the romance genre but has a dark and sad theme engulfing it. It is the story of a couple Mugi Awaya, and Hanabi Yasuraoka, who on the surface appear to be ideal couples. But things are not so simple. The couple has a depressing secret. They don’t long for each other rather they have fantasies about other people. But since they can’t have their crushes they try to drown their grief in each other in various ways. Even sexual.

The female protagonist in the anime is Hanabi Yasuraoka. She is in love with her homeroom teacher Narumi Kanai. Narumi used to be her older childhood friend. She later finds out that Narumi is in love with a music teacher named Akane. She becomes depressed and meets Mugi, the male protagonist, who is in love with Akane who used to be a teacher when he was in middle school. They decide to become friends and as mentioned before satisfy each other’s needs. They also promise to not fall in love and if the one they truly love loves them back they will end their “arrangement”. The concept might be disturbing for some people but the sex scenes are good and the animation is great.

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3. Black Butler (2008)

Black Butler

‘Black Butler’ is an entertaining anime. I recommend it to all who love fantasy, mystery genre anime. The story is that of a child Ceil who sells his soul to a demon. This demon takes the form of a butler, Sebastian, who serves the boy and protects him from trouble. Ceil is quite intelligent. He is the current head of the Phantomhive household. His family is quite famous and are known as the Queen’s Guarddog. He has been given the task to solve the crimes related to the Underground.

The main reason why Ceil sold his soul was not chiefly for protection. He did this to seek revenge on those who have tortured him and ended the life of his parents. The demon who accepts his deal and starts working as his butler is Sebastian Michaelis. He will protect Ceil from danger as long as he gets to fulfil his goals. After that Sebastian gets to consume his soul. But where does a Sex scene come in this? In ‘Black Butler: Book of Circus’ we see Sebastian seduce and get physical with a woman to extract information about her father. Yes, classical demon trait.

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4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

Shinseiki Evangelion

‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ is one of the most popular anime. If you look at the current stats the franchise is worth around 700 billion yen. For people who understand everything in the perspective of dollars, it amounts to a whopping 6.3 billion dollars. The reason for so much popularity of the series is because of its characters. If you just watch the series as a bunch of giant robots controlled by humans fighting aliens then you might miss the point of the story. Of course, the main story focuses on that but it is much more. It is also a coming of age and self-realization and self-acceptance story.

Shinji doesn’t know his place in the world and undervalues himself. When he is asked by his father to be a mecha pilot he thinks that it is out of love and admiration. But he later finds out it is not so. As the series progresses the character of Shinji matures as he finds out what he truly is? Those who have watched this series will be familiar with the character of Misato Kisaragi. Though many a time the plot doesn’t throw the spotlight on her. But this time it did and it did so in a steamy, hot fashion. We see Misato in an emotional mess after Shinji loses his physical being after battling an angel. She chooses to deal with this grief of hers by being intimate with her previous crush Kanji. Though the scene is brief. It is intense.

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5. Nisemonogatari (2012)

Nisemonogatari toothbrush sex

‘Nisemonogatari’ is the third instalment of the ‘Monogatari’ series. Koyomi Aragi who is the protagonist of the series has lots of eccentric and supernatural encounters. In this series, his girlfriend kidnaps and bounds him to protect him from a con man. But turns out that the con man has set his eyes on his sister Karen. Amidst all this trouble two additional female characters come into play. They seem to know way more about Koyomi than they should.

Let’s now talk about the infamous toothbrush scene in this series. When we were young our mother used to brush our teeth. If she was not around another responsible adult, like an older sibling, would do the job. If you were ever in such a situation and it is one of your innocent childhood memories then be prepared to have it destroyed. In the eighth episode of Nisemonogatari, we see Karen Aragi moaning with pleasure as her sibling Koyomi brushes her teeth. The scene is so strange and sexually inventive that one needs to watch it to feel it. Be sure to put on headphones.

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6. Yosuga No Sora (2010)


‘Yosuga No Sora’ is a romantic anime series. It aired on December 2010 and contains a total of 12 episodes. The series itself is pretty complicated and deals with lots of emotional stuff. The main characters of the anime are Haruka, Sora, and Nao. The series is themed around relationships. It is sort of an erotic, romantic series.

The source material for the anime comes from a visual novel. It was adapted into an anime on 2010. ‘Yosuga no Sora’ also deals with the taboo theme of romantic relationship among siblings. This happens between Haruka and his twin sister Sora. The series showcases multiple sex scenes (five in total) which have a consequential effect on the plot. In one such scene, we see Nao forcing herself on Haruka while Sora (who has a crush on Haruka) is secretly watching.

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7. Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru (2005)

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Let’s now jump from one forbidden love anime to another. ‘Boku wa Imōtu ni Koi o Suru’ is an anime which explores the themes of incest. It is similar to the previous entry because in this one too there are twins involved. Yori and Iku are twins. They used to be quite close and spend time together. Lately, Iku feels that Yori is behaving coldly with her. But the truth is Yori has fallen in love with his twin sister and wants to keep himself away from her as much as possible to decrease the possibility of him doing something forbidden. But as you have already guessed he fails to prevent himself.

One would think an anime about romance and incest would have a few steamy hot scenes and you would be right. We do get to see some intense stuff between the fraternal twins, Yori and Iku, in an OVA. We see the twins getting into intense physical intimacy even though they are aware of the Taboo they are committing.

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8. Kara no Kyoukai 3: Tsuukaku Zanryuu (2008)

Kara no Kyoukai 3: Tsuukaku Zanryuu

While researching this topic I came across a rape scene which is so brutal and dark that I had to marvel at the direction of the scene. The scene is from the anime movie ‘Kara no Kyoukai 3: Tsuukaku Zanryuu’. We see a character named Fujino Asagami being raped by a street gang. To suppress her supernatural powers Fujino’s parents giver her medications which has a side effect that takes her sense of touch away. The rapist gets annoyed as Fujino feels nothing and gets more violent.

The reason I marvelled at the scene was that it is perfectly shot. We see Fujino’s face devoid of expression as she feels nothing. The creators in no way try to make the scene too sexual and vulgar. They portray it for what it is, a rape scene. The scene is pivotal in the movie as after this we find out that there are mangled bodies scattered all around this place the next day. The crime scene is so horrific that it looks like the work of a beast or a monster. The anime is quite good too. It is a supernatural mystery. Give it a watch.

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9. Koi Kaze (2004)

Koi Kaze

Moving down the list we have another candidate from the incest genre. I have no idea why this genre is so popular. Do people want to get it on with their sisters or do they find the idea of forbidden love erotically interesting? I hope it is the latter, don’t you? ‘Koi Kaze’ is an anime series which aired in April 2004. The series has an altogether of 13 episodes. We see the lead character Koshiro being attracted towards his sister Nanako. Towards the end of the series, he confesses his feelings and they have an intimate scene.

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10. White Album 2 (2013):


This is a romantic anime series. It has been adapted from a Japanese visual novel of the same name. It gears exclusively towards adults. The plot deals with a sort of love triangle. Haruki is currently dating Setsuna but when a girl named Kazusa confesses her love for him, he does the same. Slowly complications start but how long can such a triangle go on. There has to be a time when you have to choose one and let the other go. The scene we are talking about here comes towards the end of the series when Haruki has to choose between the two girls. Spoiler alert ahead. He chooses Setsuna and they get quite intimate with each other.

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11. NANA (2006)


NANA is another drama series. It aired on 2006 and had a total of 47 episodes. I enjoyed the series. I seldom watch drama series and I decided to watch this one because I wanted to see some character-driven drama. The plot revolves around two girls. Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki. The earlier Nana is a humble girl. She is quick to fall in love and get attached to people. She knows that this is a problem and wants to become independent. But she ends up chasing her boyfriend and boards a train to Tokyo.

The latter is a punk rock vocalist. She is proud of herself and wants to become a famous singer. She leaves the band she was in, even though it was popular, to chase her dreams of becoming a famous singer. Nana then boards the same train to Tokyo and thus the two characters meet each other. This encounter marks the beginning of their friendship and as the series progresses their relationship is tested. Although there are multiple sexy scenes in the series, the scene we are talking about occurs in the 34th episode where Hachi is forced by Takumi to get physical. This breaks Nana’s heart and the relationship between Hachi and Nana becomes sour.

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12. Afro Samurai (2007)

Afro Samurai

I know the list is not ranked, but as long as sex scenes go, this anime movie has one of the best sex scenes. ‘Afro Samurai’ tells the story of Afro who wants to become the best fighter. When he was a child Afro witnessed the death of his father at the hands of a man known as Justice. He vowed to avenge the death of his father and thus works his way up to the Number two headband to challenge Justice who had the Number One headband after killing Afro’s father. The sex scene occurs when Afro recuperates from his injuries and then gets intimate with the girl who saved him. The scene is steamy and worth a couple of viewings. Enjoy!

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13. Oruchuban Ebichu (1999)

‘Oruchuban Ebichu’ is a story that revolves around the Hamster Ebichu who just wants to please her owner. Her owner is known only as The official lady or OL. Ebichu is a pretty good hamster. She is the best of all hamster. This is because she can do many things. She can cook for you, wash your clothes, clean your house, and even do your shopping. What else do you want from your pet? But still, several events end up happening every day that gets Ebichu punished. But she doesn’t mind as long as her master is pleased.

The sex scene in ‘Oruchuban Ebichu’ comes when Ebichu starts advising her owner about sex. The scene is kind of explicit but more than that it is quite funny. It shows how a Hamster perceives human sex and it provides suggestion by becoming a sexual coach. There’s a really funny moment when the couple tries to do anal and Ebichu freaks out telling the man that he should not be putting it in that hole cause that’s where all the crap comes out of.

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14. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (2015)

If your fantasies include hot female-animal hybrids like mermaids, snake women etc. then this show will be perfect for you since it deals with that. The Anime is set in a world humans and monsters (human-animal) hybrids are present. Recently the government has become more liberal and has allowed humans to coexist with the monsters. To facilitate the mingling of two different species the government has created a program wherein humans can accept a monster as a sort of guest and let them mingle with human surroundings for some time. Kimihito Kurusu ends up becoming the host for a snake woman when the agent makes a mistake. Now, he must take care of the woman but there must not be any sexual contact.

Slowly, as the story progresses he becomes the host of many more such beautiful monsters. The scene I am talking about here happens in the very first episode when Kimihito wakes up to find himself being strangled by Miia (the snake woman) who in her sleep has coiled around him. Kimihito tries to break free by removing her coils but ends up touching the tip of her tail. Turns out it is the equivalent of a clitoris. Then a lot of stuff happens in which he sort of jerks her tail off as she reaches climax. The show is entertaining if you want to watch some ecchi anime.

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15. Kiss x Sis (2010)

I tried not to include any more incestuous content but well…let’s just say I couldn’t stop myself. I mean there’s just so much content that you can’t avoid. While I was researching for this list I found multiple scenes which just involves siblings. ‘Kiss x Sis’ is a show which completely revolves around incestuous love. No, it’s not the complicated romantic one rather it is a much funnier version of it. The male protagonist of the series is Keita whose father remarries after his mother dies. This gives him two new step-sisters. Soon, the sisters fall in love with their brother and start competing for his love and attention.

What’s more disturbing is that even their parents seem to support that idea. This leads to multiple sexual scenarios involving Keita and his two sisters. There are scenes with other characters as well. But the scene we are gonna be discussing does not involve Keita. It involves his two sisters who grind on a teddy bear by imagining it’s Keita. For added pleasure, one of the sisters grinds on the teddy’s nose while the other uses a marker as a sort of makeshift penis and grinds on that. To increase their pleasure they even start making out with each other. I know I don’t need to remind you but still don’t watch this anime with doors open.

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16. Wicked City (1987)

”Wicked City” is a horror, action genre anime movie which was released in the year 1987. Though the movie is okay when it comes to the plot and the characters when it comes to the directions the look of the movie is great. The movie has that 80s erotic-horror feel to it. The design of the characters and settings are also quite retro.

The movie revolves around two worlds, Earth and a world from a different dimension known as the Black World. Peace is maintained between two worlds via a treaty which is regularly signed. But this time it seems as though there’s a group who doesn’t want peace to last. Thus, two agents are sent to safeguard the signing of the peace treaty. There are various sex scenes in the movie. But the one that I am mentioning here is where Makie is being raped by demons. This scene is shot in black and red.

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