7 Anime Like Shaman King That You Must See

‘Shaman King’ is an adventure-shounen anime that centers upon a fictional world where individuals with extraordinary ability to communicate with supernatural entities are known as shamans. Every 500 years, a tournament is organized to find the new Shaman King, who will be given a chance to shape the world as he deems fit using the mysterious powers of the Great Spirit. You Asakura, a Shaman-in-training, hopes to participate in the competition and achieve the sought-after title that has inspired generations of Shamans like him.

Based on Hiroyuki Takei’s manga series of the same name, the action-packed fight sequences coupled with great storytelling have captivated fans of the Shounen anime worldwide. It’s only natural for the people who love the series to look for shows similar to it. Therefore, we have compiled a list of anime that fans of ‘Shaman King’ will probably enjoy. Most of these shows, like ‘Shaman King,’ are available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Amazon Prime.

7. Ushio to Tora (2015 – 2016)

Ushio Aotsuki is a middle schooler who is always warned by his father about otherworldly monsters known as youkai. However, the young boy never takes the warning seriously until one day, he confronts Tora, the ferocious youkai impaled by the ancient Beast Spear in his basement. After a series of events force him to set the monster free, Ushio finally comes to terms with the threat posed by the supernatural powers in the world. The sudden realization pushes him to the depths of the spiritual realm.

Like You from ‘Shaman King,’ Ushio also finds a powerful spiritual companion that becomes part of his daily life. Although the two anime have few similarities, ‘Ushio to Tora’ is a decent supernatural anime that fans of ‘Shaman King’ should add to their watchlists. The series is accessible for streaming here.

6. GeGeGe no Kitarou (2018 – 2020)

Although supernatural influence continues to plague the day-to-day life of people, almost everyone has forgotten about the presence of youkai or supernatural entities. When Mana, a 13-year-old seeking answers to some strange phenomena, reaches out to Youkai post, she inadvertently ends up coming in contact with the titular protagonist. ‘GeGeGe no Kitarou’ follows teenagers in a fictional world where supernatural events are part of daily life, just like ‘Shaman King.’ People who are intrigued by the similarities in both the anime can stream ‘GeGeGe no Kitarou’ here.

5. Naruto (2002 – 2007)

Naruto Uzumaki is a young boy who has been virtually ostracized by the people of his own village and is forced to live a life of loneliness and desperation. The unjust discrimination has, over the years, become fuel for his ambition to become the Hokage of Konohagakure. The legendary journey of the titular protagonist to find acceptance and peace has made millions of fans around the world over the years. Although it’s not a supernatural anime like ‘Shaman King,’ people who are looking for shows catering to the Shounen demographic with lots of action-packed fight sequences will definitely enjoy it. One can stream the anime here.

4. My Hero Academia (2016 -)

‘My Hero Academia’ recounts the story of Izuku Midoriya, a powerless teenager born in a world where 80 percent of the people have some special abilities called Quirks. But despite being dealt a bad hand by genetics, he refuses to give up on his dream of becoming the number 1 hero like his hero All Might. While his mindless pursuit of the impossible appears stupid to others, when All Might sees the young boy’s passion for fighting for the greater good, he not only selects him as his successor but also gives him his inheritable Quirk.

From that day onwards, Izuku, under the guidance and watchful eyes of his idol, begins his journey to achieve his dream. Just like ‘Shaman King,’ this Shounen anime also follows a teenager obsessed with the idea of becoming the best. Both the shows have memorable fight scenes, which are hyped up by the brilliant storytelling. People who wish to watch Izuku in action can watch the show here.

3. The Law of Ueki (2005 – 2006)

‘The Law of Ueki’ or ‘Ueki no Housoku’ follows 100 heavenly beings who participate in a bizarre tournament to choose the next God. In order to win, they must select candidates from middle school students on Earth and transfer their powers to them. Then these students fight against one another. The one who emerges victorious is given a chance to choose a power that they desire, while the heavenly being that has selected the candidate becomes the new God or King of the Heavenly World. It is quite obvious that ‘The Law of Ueki’ shares a number of similarities with ‘Shaman King’ from its shounen tournament trope to the high-stakes battles. In case you like the premise and plan to watch the anime, then all the episodes are accessible for streaming here.

2. Hunter x Hunter (2011 – 2014)

Hunters are courageous men who embark on dangerous quests for varied reasons for the progress of humanity or to advance their own selfish ends. While the highly sought-after title guarantees an affluent life with all the comforts, earning it is no easy task as aspiring candidates have to pass the Hunter Examination. Although most people have materialistic goals to take part in the test, 12-year-old Gon Freecss is driven by the hope that passing the exam may help him find his father, who has been absent for almost the entirety of his life.

The show revolves around the dangerous misadventures of the enthusiastic protagonist, who makes friends and becomes acquainted with the dark secrets of the world in his perilous journey. Just like ‘Shaman King,’ a tournament/examination is one of the central plotlines of ‘Hunter x Hunter.’ The protagonists in both shows find great friends in pursuit of a higher goal, and their ambitions are partly determined by their family’s past. People who wish to join Gon on his perilous path to greatness can watch the show here.

1. Black Clover (2017 – 2021)

When Asta and Yuno are abandoned by their parents on the same day at the same church, their fates get interviewed with each other in unthinkable ways. Both grew up together, and by the time they become teenagers, the two friends share the same goal- to become the Wizard King, a title only conferred to the strongest mage in the kingdom. Although they do not initially grow at the same pace when the duo eventually get their Grimoires, it marks the beginning of a long journey to become the best.

As you may have already noticed, both ‘Black Clover’ and ‘Shaman King’ revolve around the same themes of friendship and pursuit of power. Therefore, Shounen fans who love the latter will probably enjoy the former as well. All the episodes are accessible for streaming here.

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