Anisha Kay: Where is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Aspirant Now?

Directed by Greg Whiteley, ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ is a Netflix documentary that follows the emotional journeys of aspiring and veteran Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in the 2023 season. As the auditions began, Anisha, an Indian-origin contender, stood out with her Bollywood-style dance moves, medical background, and graceful conduct. During the second round of the auditions in the field, she faced some challenges with the important kicking part of the job, and unfortunately, injured her ankle in the process. It effectively took her out of the running for the final DCC team, but she took the rejection in her stride, understood the feedback, and looked forward to trying again.

Anisha Kay Has Served as a Cheerleader in the NBA and NFL

Prior to auditioning for the DCC, Anisha had already performed for the Golden State Warriors dance team, as well as on the San Francisco 49ers’ cheerleading squad. Yet, dance wasn’t the sole focus of Anisha’s career path, as she joined the University of Southern California in 2014 to pursue dentistry and become an orthodontist. Part of the dance routines that she performed in the DCC auditions were inspired by her Bollywood choreography to “Chikni Chameli” at the Golden State Warriors game, where she led the dance group. The cheerleader posted the video on her YouTube channel, which has accumulated over 3 million views since then.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the DCC aspirant did not lament her cut like many of the other candidates was because she had already been a part of a cheerleading community with the Gold Rush Squad. She joined the team as a rookie in the 2017 season and seemingly had a wonderful time, with her experiences sounding similar to how many dancers have described the DCC. “Being around these incredibly ambitious, talented, and intelligent women every week just inspires me to work harder at everything in my life,” said Anisha in an interview with the 49ers crew. “Aside from the inspiration, it genuinely feels like I gained a family overnight, and I know if I ever needed support, I could count on these girls no matter what.”

Anisha Kay is Happily Married to a Multi-Talented Physician

Anisha is married to Rohan Sebastian, who is a doctor as well as an athlete. Rohan’s gymnastic skills have taken him to the London Open as the captain of the Irish gymnastics team. Born in Ireland to India-educated doctors, he has earned two gold medals, two silvers, and one bronze in the Northern European Gymnastics Championships. He was likely given a sports scholarship to the University of Michigan in 2009 and led Michigan to an NCAA Division 1 team championship. He was also invited to participate in ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and can be seen reaching the semifinal round in season 14.

The pair combined their bachelor and bachelorette parties and celebrated their forthcoming marriage with their friends on a yacht off the coast of Miami, Florida. The marriage ceremony of Anisha and Rohan took place in June 2022, followed by a lavish Indian wedding celebration with dance performances from Anisha, Rohan, and other family members. She also danced with her father, and the performance went viral as the gentleman kept in step with the iconic dance moves of the Bollywood song. The ecstatic bride put on a show-stopping performance with her friends, who also seemed like trained dancers.

Anisha is Keeping Busy Teaching Dance and Practicing Dentistry

After the conclusion of her run with the DCC, Anisha continued practicing dentistry. She also regularly teaches dance classes that fuse Bollywood and contemporary styles. Just after being cut from the team, Anisha held Bollywood fusion workshops in New York City and Chicago during July and August of 2023, as it had been too long since she had done so. In September of the same year, she ventured to London, England, where she held two Bollywood and shuffle dance workshops with the dance group DesiFuze.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, the professional dancer regularly posts dance performances and updates on social media and has a YouTube channel with over 170,000 subscribers at the time of writing. When asked about her dream in the aforementioned interview, she replied, “Dentist by day, Bollywood choreographer by night.” As of today, it appears that Anisha Kay is already living out her dream; while she is professionally thriving with dance and dentistry, her personal life is equally flourishing as she is building a life with the love of her life.

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