Charly Barby: Where is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Aspirant Now?

Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ highlights the intense competitiveness and rigorous training required to be a cheerleader, comparable to that of an athlete. The series covers the selection process, and one standout aspiring candidate is Charly Barby. As a rookie, her honesty and hard work set her apart. Her determination to overcome every challenge and the relentless pursuit of her dreams have made her a symbol for many with similar aspirations. Her dedication has resonated deeply with audiences and quickly made her a favorite cast member of the documentary series.

Charly Barby’s Ballet Skills Made Her a Promising Candidate

Charly Barby shared that her passion for dancing began when she started learning ballet as a child. Her mother, Heather Barby, recalled that seeing her little girl twirling around felt like a dream come true and noted that Charly had always enjoyed being the center of attention. She continued participating in various competitions and talent shows, and after completing her degree, she informed her family of her desire to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Although it was a significant leap, her family wholeheartedly supported her, which paved the way for her to pursue her dream and enter the competition.

Charly was among the first 45 candidates selected based on her solo performance, marking the beginning of her rigorous training. She practiced day and night, but feedback about needing to be in top form worried her. She spent much time contemplating and panicking over the possibility of being cut before making it to the final 36. Just four days before the final selection, Kelli Finglass pulled her aside, informed her that her dance form was not at the level of perfection required, and advised her to train more and return for the next season. Though disheartened by this news, Charly accepted the feedback gracefully and resolved to audition again the following year.

Charly Barby Plans to Return to DCC For Another Season

After being cut from the NFL 2023-2024 season, Charly Barby did not let the setback discourage her. Recognizing that many more opportunities awaited, she took some time for herself. In December 2023, she embarked on a solo trip to New York, a northern California resident’s annual ritual for the past three years, which she finds rejuvenating and inspiring. Charly has decided to audition for the 2024-2025 season. She took a five-day road trip to Dallas, Texas, and has often been in the area since then. She has been sharing snippets of her training and enjoying time with other DCC dancers. She has expressed gratitude for the training that DCC has given her. We hope to see her cheering on the field this season.

Charly Barby is Honing Her Skills as a Dancer

In addition to focusing on her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader aspirations, Charly has been working with Xtreme Force Dance Academy in Livermore, California. She has been giving ballet dance lessons to kids, finding a newfound love for the art, and enjoying this fulfilling experience. She has also been dedicated to her training, working with acclaimed dancers like Jennifer Amburn and Shelly Bramhall. True to her promise, she is diligently honing her craft and improving daily. Her commitment to both teaching and personal growth demonstrates her passion and resilience in the world of dance.

Charly Bary is Celebrating Life Surrounded by Her Loved Ones

Charly Barby has always wanted to enjoy the life she leads entirely and refuses to compromise. An Arizona State University alumna, she always finds ways to meet her friends and spend quality time with them, considering them lifelong companions. At the beginning of April, she took a trip to Hawaii with her friends, where they enjoyed beaches, cocktails, and dancing, making the trip incredibly fun. Turning 23 this year, Charly has found in her friends a source of strength and support. Their companionship bolsters her, ensuring she enjoys life fully while pursuing her dreams and passions.

As part of her trip to Hawaii, Charly Barby visited Kualoa Ranch, indulging her adventurous side, albeit only a little. She still remembers the friends she made among other DCC candidates. When one of her closest friends from the group, Reece, got married in April 2024, Charly was there by her side, cheering her on as she entered a new phase of life. The traveler in Charly was sparked again as she ventured to Los Angeles towards the end of April, where she quickly fell in love with the city. With so much happening in her life, every day is exciting and full of possibilities for her, and she is making the most of it.

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