What Happened to Annie Dookhan’s Husband and Son?

‘How To Fix a Drug Scandal’ is the latest docuseries on Netflix, which explores how the indiscretions of two women, shook the very foundations of the justice system. Entire chains of evidence, in numerous cases, were compromised, because these women did not perform their jobs, of testing the drugs in the labs, properly. While Sonja Farak’s drug addiction led to her work problems, the situation was stranger in Annie Dookhan’s case.

In fact, in Dookhan’s case, one can begin to look at the larger flaws within the system which puts immense pressure on women like Annie. However, the docuseries tells us that despite said pressure, Annie was producing four times the work as her colleagues. Naturally, she was cutting corners. It has been proven that Annie was marking a lot of drug tests as positive, without going through the proper processes.

One co-worker has suggested that Annie’s miscarriage, which led to personal problems, was compounded by a legal ruling putting more pressure on chemists, causing professional problems. This was back in 2009 and might have motivated Dookhan to cut corners brazenly.

However, during Annie’s case, it came to light that her husband viewed her as a liar. Boston Globe reported that he’d texted a Norfolk County Prosecutor, two years before, saying, “This is Annie’s Husband do not believe her, she’s a liar, she’s always lying. She is looking for sympathy and attention.” WBUR also reported that during the trial, her lawyers asked for a reduced sentence, because she happened to be divorced, and the primary caregiver to her then 7-year-old, disabled son.

Naturally, you might be curious about where Annie Dookhan’s husband and son, are at present. We have the latest updates here.

Where are Annie Dookhan’s Husband and Son Now?

Annie married Surrendranath Dookhan, a Trinidad born software engineer, a year after she started working at the Hinton lab. They also moved to a house in Franklin, which is nearly 40 miles southwest of Boston. The two had a child in 2006. His name is Branden Dookhan.

As for Surrendranath Dookhan, or Surren Dookhan’s recent whereabouts, we know that he is currently a Principal Software Engineer in the Greater Boston Area. His LinkedIn profile informs us that he’s still working at Dell EMC. His LinkedIn bio reads “Software engineer experienced in…execution engines, automation, devops, CI, build and sanity qualification, application integration and qualification, release integration testing, Usability, and Human Factors Engineering”.

Surren has been at Dell for 20 years and 10 months, after having graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston University, and Bentley University. As for Branden, his birthday seems to be in October, which would make him 13 years old. We have also learnt that Branden’s favorite music is 90’s hip-hop and old reggae, and his favorite animal as anything that is not a house cat. Branden currently lives with his dad and his beagle, Jackie.

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