Where are Antares De la Luz’s Ex-Followers Now?

As a documentary film living up to its title in every way conceivable, Netflix’s Santiago Correa-directed ‘The Doomsday Cult of Antares De La Luz’ can only be described as haunting. That’s because it delves into the tale of this titular sect leader as he claimed to be the second coming of Jesus with a mission of preventing the world’s supposed end in December 2021. Though little did anybody realize his charm was such that he’d ultimately manage to convince his followers to make a human sacrifice, only for them to subsequently snap back into reality.

Natalia Guerra Leads a Private Life Today

It was early 2012 when Natalia fell pregnant by Antares despite him claiming he could never have a child, just for her to give birth to Jesús Castillo Guerra on November 21 at a clinic in Reñaca. She had faced complications during labor, but she and the baby were both taken the following day without staff knowledge so as to prevent the latter’s registry into the Civil Registry of Chile. A day after that, on November 23, at around 11:30 pm, the infant was placed on a wooden board with his limbs tied, mouth covered, and eyes shut, after which he was immolated in a bonfire.

The reason behind this was the simple fact that Antares deemed Jesús to be the antichrist; plus, he thought this human sacrifice would prevent the alleged world’s end on December 21, 2012. Nevertheless, his cult continued preparing for the same, only to be split when nothing transpired on that fateful day – that’s when Natalia also distanced before eventually going to the police. In the end, she was sentenced to five years behind bars on the charge of qualified murder, which she began serving in 2019 upon being captured following seven months on the run. She was paroled in 2021 and has since seemingly preferred to lead a quiet life well away from the limelight so as to move on for good.

Pablo Undurraga is a Proud Family Man

As Antares’ most loyal follower plus right-hand man, Pablo apparently crossed many lines in the four years he was under his spell before ultimately starting to question the truth after December 2012. He too was thus sentenced to five years for his significant role in the 3-day-old’s murder, which he remorsefully served at the Santiago High-Security Prison until he was granted parole in 2019. Since then, it appears as if this Southern Chile resident as well as woodworker has been doing his best to reintegrate into society with the help of his parents, all the while also staying committed to being a good, involved father to his children.

David Pasten Rojas is Leading a Quiet Life

It was April 25, 2013, when 30-year-old David was arrested as one of the eight individuals involved in Jesús Castillo Guerra’s homicide five months prior, leading him to be detained in county jail. His defense, like everybody else’s, was temporary delirium/insanity under the effect of Antares, eventually resulting in him being handed down the sentence of three years – to be served on probation. Therefore, today, David is a completely free man – yet he has still seemingly chosen to continue leading his life away from prying eyes so as to have some peace even though his profession is that of a publicist.

Alexander Saravia is Still Based in Chile

Although being a member of Antares’ doomsday cult had turned his entire life upside down, Alexander was able to gather the pieces and stitch them together for at least some sense of normalcy. In fact, from what we can tell, this Santiago native turned Villarrica resident has since managed to build a happy, stable family for himself, including the love of his life, plus two children. Coming to his professional standing, it seems like the Colegio Integral Barros Blancos preparatory school graduate is a blue-collar worker currently employed at Yafü Arboreal Works and Rukamapu Bioconstrucción.

Carolina Vargas Doesn’t Like the Spotlight

Not to be confused with the Chilean actress of the same name, Carolina’s emotions regarding Antares and his sect in 2012-2013 were similar to that of her then-boyfriend, Pablo Undurraga. Therefore, of course, she left the organization with him, just to later find out there was a warrant against them for their role in Jesús Castillo Guerra’s brutal execution – Natalia had revealed her presence. So, like David, on March 6, 2017, she was given the sentence of three years for accessory to murder, which she served under probation – we should mention that by this point, Carolina had tied the knot with Pablo and was expecting their first child, indicating that even she’s now based in Southern Chile as a proud, involved mother.

Josefina Lopez, Maria Alvarez, and Karla Arana Are All Ostensibly Leading Priavte Lives

With Josefina López, María del Pilar Álvarez, and Karla Franchy Arana, all being then-members of Antares’s Colliguay Cult, even they were apprehended for Jesús’s murder/sacrifice in April 2013. However, since they were not directly involved in the matter in any way, shape, or form, they were also handed down the sentence of three years medium-grade minor imprisonment as accessories. They hence served the same on probation, like David and Carolina, following which they have willingly kept every single aspect of their lives well away from the limelight so as to move on from the past without prying eyes. In other words, its unfortunately unclear where any of them stand at the moment; we can only assume they’re still based in Chile and have since managed to settle down with families of their own.

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