Anyone But You: What Breed of Dog is Klonopin?

In Will Gluck’s romantic comedy film ‘Anyone But You,’ Klonopin is the dog of Pete and Claudia’s parents. The dog accompanies Pete, Ben, and Bea as they are immersed in the preparations for the wedding of Claudia and Halle. She also features throughout the movie and causes an accident amid a fight that ensues between Bea and Ben. An adorable dog named Maple plays Klonopin in the film. As per IMDb, it is her first movie role as well. Maple is a Border Collie, a British breed of herding dog of the collie type. She was a beloved part of the production sets of the film!

Maple, the Border Collie

Maple is a tri-colored Border Collie. The breed originated in the region of the Anglo-Scottish border and is considered a descendant of the traditional sheepdogs once found across the British Isles. The Border Collies are mostly nurtured as working sheep-herding dogs or companion animals. It is also widely considered as the most intelligent breed among dogs. The Border Collies have a smooth or rough double coat on them. Their average lifespan is over 10 years. Since they are obedient, film and television productions often prefer Border Collies and the breed has been featured in several movies like ‘The Lobster,’ ‘The Witch,’ etc.

Maple lives in Sydney, Australia, the principal location of the film. The Instagram account of the dog describes her as obedient and agile. During the production of ‘Anyone But You,’ she bonded particularly with Joe Davidson, who plays Beau. Maple is featured on the cover of Rhian Allen’s ‘Healthy Dog, Happy Dog: Help Your Dog Live a Healthier, Longer Life with a Fresh Food Diet’ as well. In July 2023, Maple gained her last UD (Utility Dog) pass for her obedience champion title. The year was a busy one for Maple.

“She [Maple] gained another two championships and a few titles this year! Went on a book cover! advertisements! and the coolest thing of all she became a blockbuster movie star! Bring on 2024… Although 2023 was a real hard year to beat!” her owner wrote on Instagram. “Despite how hectic our year was there was never a dull moment and she was just so happy being out there with me all the time! Don’t know how we didn’t get burnt out as there were times I wanted to slow down since she is getting older but not surprising, she always has other ideas!” the person added.

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