Appendage: Here Are All the Filming Locations

Based on the eponymous short film that appeared on Hulu’s ‘Bite Size Halloween’ series, ‘Appendage’ is a horror comedy-drama film written and helmed by Anna Zlokovic that focuses on a young fashion designer named Hannah who seems to have a bright future ahead of her. Appearing to be doing just fine on the outside, she struggles to cope with self-doubt on the inside, so much so that these feelings manifest into something that makes her physically sick and turn into a strange growth on her body — the Appendage.

With Hannah’s health on the decline, the Appendage feeds off of her weaknesses and deteriorates her condition further by fueling her anxieties, which include her self-doubt regarding her work, her relationship with her best friend and boyfriend, and her parents’ lack of understanding and love. Right when she loses all hope, she finds out that there are other people out there suffering from the same. The horrific tale unfolds in New York City, inside Hannah’s apartment and various other seemingly eerie sites, sparking questions regarding the actual filming sites in the minds of the viewers. Well, if you want an insight on the same, allow us to fill you in on all the necessary details!

Where Was Appendage Filmed?

‘Appendage’ was filmed in North Carolina and New York, specifically in Wilmington and New York City. The principal photography for the Anna Zlokovic directorial reportedly took place in the summer of 2022, around July and August of the same year. So, without further ado, let’s navigate all the specific locations where Hannah is tormented by her literal inner demons in the Hulu film!

Wilmington, North Carolina

A major chunk of ‘Appendage’ was lensed in and around Wilmington, a port city located in the coastal southeastern region of North Carolina. The production team utilized the locales of the city to tape most of the NYC-based scenes for the horror movie. For instance, the scenes involving the main characters in their New York City apartment were lensed in the Carolina Apartments at 420 Market Street in Wilmington, as well as at other private apartments in the downtown area.

The filming unit also set up camp in and around various establishments and properties across Wilmington, including Angie’s Bed and Breakfast at 1704 Market Street, Reggie’s 42nd Street Tavern at 1415 South 42nd Street, PBC Design + Build at 3902 Market Street, Skyline Realty Office at 1121 South Front Street, an apartment at the intersection of Front Street and Wilkinson, and a private property at 309 Kenwood Avenue. Other locations that feature in the backdrop of several pivotal scenes are 20 South Front Street, 103 South Front Street, and 1938 South Live Oak Drive.

New York City, New York

Since ‘Appendage’ is set in New York City, the filming unit reportedly recorded a few key scenes on location, especially some establishing aerial shots, in the Big Apple. Thus, you are bound to notice a number of iconic buildings and landmarks standing out in the backdrop of some portions, including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the UN Headquarters, and Central Park.

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