April Fiddler: Where Is Samantha’s Sister Now?

Peacock’s ‘Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats.’ takes the viewer through the strange 2016 disappearance of Samantha Fiddler and tries to determine if professional wrestler Teddy Hart was responsible for the same. While investigating the disappearance, the show follows independent filmmaker Frederick Kroetsch as he interviews several individuals associated with the incident. Interestingly, April Fiddler, Samantha’s sister, mentioned that the last time she talked with her sister, she felt as if Samantha was about to leave Florida and return home to Canada. If you are intrigued by this case and want to know where April Fiddler is at present, we have you covered!

Who Is April Fiddler?

April Fiddler grew up alongside her sister, Samantha Fiddler, in Alberta, Canada. Hailing from a loving and close-knit family, the sisters developed an intimate bond and could barely be separated during their early years. The relationship seemed to grow stronger as the years passed and April was completely supportive of her sister when she mentioned that she would be traveling to Florida to make it big in professional wrestling.

Incidentally, by the time Samantha moved to Florida in 2016, she was already a mother of three, and April was quite close to her sister’s children. In fact, around the time the former disappeared, all three children were living with her family in Canada. Once Samantha moved to Florida, she got acquainted with professional wrestler Teddy Hart and began training under him. Later, their relationship grew romantic, and although they were pretty happy initially, the connection did not last.

Still, Teddy agreed to help Samantha become a professional wrestler, and she stayed in Florida. April mentioned that while in Florida, Samantha would maintain regular contact with her via phone and email. Besides, the last time April talked to her sister, it seemed Samantha was getting ready to return to Canada. However, the mother of three was arrested on an unrelated trespassing charge in November 2016, and once released on November 19, she disappeared under strange circumstances.

April began worrying about Samantha when the latter stopped communicating altogether. She immediately tried to get in touch with Samantha’s friends in Florida and learned that she had been missing since November 19. Confident that her sister would not abandon her kids and disappear without proper notice, she contacted the police and reported her missing.

April Fiddler Continues to Fight For Her Sister Today

During the investigation, the police learned that Samantha’s ex-boyfriend, Teddy Hart, had been in and out of prison for several crimes. Besides, the show mentioned that he was also accused of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and unlawful restrainment by his ex-wife, Fay, and ex-girlfriend, Michelle. Although the Peacock series claimed that these charges were later dropped, one of Samantha’s friends, Jayme, alleged that in one instance, she was left stranded as Teddy had taken away her phone and passport.

While such statements made April suspect Teddy of having a hand in her sister’s disappearance, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement took over the investigation in 2020 and insisted that Teddy was not being looked at as a suspect. April Fiddler currently resides in Alberta, Canada, although she is desperate to find out the truth about Samantha. She mentioned that she would not rest until justice is served or Samantha is back home safely.

April said about her experience living without her sister, “I always thought that within the years, it would be easier to manage, but it’s not. I’m more broken as the years go by.” Besides, the Canadian native maintained a beautiful connection with April’s children and stated that she wanted to prove their mother did not abandon them. Meanwhile, the police consider Samantha’s disappearance an open investigation and have urged the public to call in with any information they might have.

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