Adri and Matt: Is the Who Likes My Follower Duo Still Dating?

Netflix’s ‘Who Likes My Follower?’ is an exciting dating reality show that follows three participants as they search for a perfect partner from a group of 7 potential dates. However, they are assisted in their journey for love by their favorite influencer. Interestingly, influencers can offer advice, help with eliminations, and even plan dates. However, it is ultimately up to the followers to mingle with their potential partners and find true love.

Matt and Adrian were initially introduced on the show as potential partners for Apolo. However, they shocked everyone by coming out as a couple and revealing that they were interested in exploring polyamory. Naturally, Apolo seemed quite surprised by the news but soon overcame his worries and was ready to try something new. Nevertheless, with the season now behind us, fans are curious to know if Matt and Adri are still together. Well, worry not because we come bearing answers!

Matt and Adri’s Who Likes My Follower Journey

Apolo seemed quite interested in Matt and Adri while vetting potential partners for his final seven. While Matt impressed Apolo with his charming and lively personality, Adri appeared to share a deeper connection, making fans speculate that they might end up together. Thus, unsurprisingly, both Adri and Matt comfortably made Apolo’s top seven list. However, the situation turned on its head towards the end of episode 1, when Apolo was enjoying a quiet date with Adri.

They initially seemed to connect on numerous levels and had a lot of things in common. However, shortly after, Matt walked into the scene and kissed Adri right in front of Apolo. Naturally, the sudden intrusion shocked Apolo, who was too taken aback for words at that moment. Nevertheless, Matt took the opportunity to reveal that while he and Adri had been dating for quite some time, they were ready to explore further and wanted to try polyamory.

Initially, Apolo seemed quite indecisive about polyamory and had no idea if it was something he wanted. However, unable to step away from a challenge and willing to try something new, he warmed up to the notion and began exploring a connection with Adri and Matt. Throughout the season, Apolo learned a lot about polyamory and connected with Matt and Adri on a deeper level.

However, his connection with Adri seemed way stronger than that with Matt, which eventually began threatening the carefully balanced dynamic all three were aiming for. Ultimately, Adri and Matt made Apolo’s top two as a couple, and even though they tried to woo him through a song, Apolo revealed that he was not ready for polyamory. On the other hand, his bond with Jose Carlos was way more significant, and hence, both Matt and Adri had to exit the show in the season finale.

Adri and Matt Are Still Going Strong Together

Yes, Adri and Matt are very much together, and from the looks of it, their connection is stronger than ever. The adorable couple currently resides in Barcelona. While Adri earns a living exclusively as a model, Matt works as a chemist and has also dipped his toe into the modeling industry. Considering the bond they portrayed on the show and their commitment to stay together despite Apolo clearly preferring Adri, the news about them still being madly in love is not at all surprising.

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