Are Alli Dore and Gary King From BDSY Still Together?

The world of ‘Below Deck’ occasionally churns out unexpected affairs that intrigue us, viewers, every once in a while. Likewise, the romance between first officer Gary King and third stewardess Alli Dore has been in our heads since the second season of the spin-off series ‘Below Deck: Sailing Yacht.’ The crew set sail aboard the Parsifal III as they traversed Croatia, indulging in desires and spewing drama.

Although Gary and Alli shared a strong connection, their ever-shifting dynamic greatly confused their fans. So we’re here to scour through the deepest alleys of the Gary-Alli affair. In case you are curious to know the same, we have your back!

Alli Dore and Gary King’s Below Deck Journey

Alli Dore and Gary King joined the cast in the second season of ‘Below Deck: Sailing Yacht.’ During their time on the charter, they grew closer to each other. Alli later revealed that she enjoyed the flirtationship between her and her then crush Gary King. Back then, Gary’s love life was complicated after his recent hook-up with another crew member, Sydney. On top of that, he was already in a long-term relationship with a girl for eight months.

However, that did not stop Gary from showering his attention on Alli, who did not seem as affected by the news of his hook-up. She temporarily held herself back, but it did not last long due to Gary confessing his feelings for her. He chose Alli over Sydney and regretted hooking up with her due to his affinity towards Alli right from the start. When asked about her, he stated that she made him laugh, and they got along really well.

Alli subsequently reciprocated his feelings, and their bond grew stronger with time. They even resorted to physical displays of love which brought along disapproval. After season two ended, the couple stayed behind to complete a crossing. However, Alli had plans of departing to Australia, which put a strain on their relationship. Are you wondering what happened after their last seasonal trip across the sea? We have updates for you.

Are Alli Dore and Gary King Still Together?

Unfortunately, Alli Dore and Gary King are not together anymore. Gary revealed that her decision to visit Australia had already planted doubt in his head. Both of them knew it would not work out due to the increasing distance, as stated by him in June 2021. He still acknowledged how great the chemistry was and the way they finished each other’s sentences.

Alli moved on and started dating someone else. She revealed that she had a baby with her new partner. Her son River George Thompson was born on August 26, 2021, and it seems like she is currently enjoying her newfound motherhood. Gary, on the other hand, seems to be single. He loves spending time with his niece, Ava, and frequently visits the beach with her.

In June 2021, Gary uploaded a picture featuring his co-stars right before the filming ended. He shared that they all got along very well and expressed his gratitude to each and every member of the crew. So we can safely conclude that the ex-flames are on good terms with each other. The level of cordiality they have established is further evident in the way they acknowledge each other in interviews.

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