Are Colin and Martina From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Still Together?

Image Credit: Colin Macrae/YouTube

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘ has surely kept the viewers hooked since its premiere in 2020. A spin-off of ‘Below Deck,’ the reality TV series follows the lives of the crew members aboard the Parsifal III, a 177 ft. superyacht, during different charter seasons around the world. It further gives a sneak peek into the interpersonal relationships of the crew members and the professional challenges they face while working.

The sizzling crew romances, group drama, and bizarre guests have always entertained fans and given way to quite a few interesting couples on the show. One of them is chief engineer Colin MacRae and his girlfriend Martina Alvarez, who became the talk of the town since he landed in season 2 of the show. Everyone is thus curious to know how the gorgeous pair is doing presently. Let’s find out what they’re up to.

Colin and Martina’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht Journey

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Colin MacRae has had a long career in the yachting industry. After working for 13 years as a Chief Engineer on several superyachts, he moved to Panama, where he bought and repaired a lagoon catamaran. Colin and the Argentinian scuba diving instructor and environmental journalist Martina Alvarez’s began dating “basically when the pandemic started” wreaking havoc, meaning they were seemingly together before appearing on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ season 2 in 2021.

Image Credits: Colin MacRae/YouTube

Colin and Martina lived together in Panama and traveled extensively around the world on the Parlay post repairs. When he became a part of the Parsifal III crew in Croatia in August 2020, the couple engaged in a long-distance relationship. Colin steered away from any drama with fellow cast members and remained faithfully committed to Martina. On the show, Colin was often seen speaking fondly of his girlfriend, and they frequently stayed in touch via calls.

Martina was a major source of emotional support for Colin, especially after the loss of his dog Marty. The pooch had been unwell for a while and had to be put down when Colin was away filming season 2. It was Martina who broke the news to him and became his pillar of strength during the devastating time. Outside of the show, Colin posts vlogs frequently about his catamaran life on his YouTube channel ‘Reviving Parlay.’ Martina frequently featured in Colin’s videos, but fans noticed her gradually not being there in the vlogs since late 2020. So the real question is, has the couple has gone their separate ways?

Are Colin and Martina Still Together?

Unfortunately, Colin MacRae and Martina Alvarez are not together anymore. They called it quits a few months after filming for season 2 ended in late 2020. After keeping it under the wraps for a while, Colin broke the news of the break-up with a lengthy Instagram post in April 2021.

In a YouTube vlog, Colin further elaborated on their relationship, saying, “And I’ve always said that being in a relationship whether it’s a small sailboat, a catamaran, or a superyacht, every year is like dog years,” he continued. “It’s like seven years. So all the highs are accentuated. But all the lows are accentuated. You’ve got nowhere to sort of escape from each other if you’re having any conflict or anything like that. So it’s always difficult.”

Moreover, the couple faced several difficulties in their one year of togetherness, such as being struck by lightning, the catamaran getting damaged, and Marty’s passing. Colin also stated that his busy schedule with the YouTube videos and the show did not allow him to devote much time to Martina, thus causing more problems. In addition, he felt that the show’s environment was not suitable for their long-distance situation. Hence, they decided to amicably part ways after giving their level best to keep the relationship afloat. However, Colin wished Martina the best and was glad about the experiences they had together.

Presently, Martina is focused on her work and frequently posts about her underwater expeditions and environmental conservation initiatives on social media. On the other hand, Colin is presently dating Silvia Latini for almost one year. She is a former marketing manager from Terni, Italy, who decided to give up her corporate lifestyle and pursue a career in traveling as a boat stewardess.

Three months into the job, Silvia met Colin in Linton Bay Marina near Panama in 2021 and began helping him with his YouTube videos. Gradually, they began dating and traveling around the globe while documenting their adventures in social media posts and Colin’s YouTube videos. On the professional front, he is all set to appear on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ season 3. Thus, even though Martina Alvarez and Colin MacRae are no longer a couple, they are currently thriving in their respective lives.

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