Where Are Jenna and Adam from Below Deck Sailing Yacht Now?

American reality television shows have a way of getting us hooked to people’s lives. There is something so enthralling about getting to be a part of someone’s story and having a glimpse of what it would be like to walk in their shoes. While many complain of these shows being partly scripted, others don’t mind the romance and drama at all! Such is the case with Bravo’s latest spin-off ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ that gives us a sneak-peek into the behind-the-scenes of a luxury sailing yacht during a charter season in Greece. The show follows the professional and personal dilemmas of the crew members and the manner with which they handle complicated relationships, high-pressure situations, sailing crisis, and obnoxious guest demands.

Jenna and Adam: Below Deck Sailing Yacht Journey

Chef Adam Glick, who is an old cast member of the show featuring on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ twice, is joined by the new Chief Stewardess Jenna MacGillivray. When the two meet for the first time, sparks fly! Since the very first episode, the two are seen flirting heavily and not being able to keep their eyes off each other. Due to the pressure of planning an impromptu wedding, a stressed and drunk Jenna ends up making out with Adam.

With their professional relationship becoming more and more personal by each passing day, the couple’s intense sizzling chemistry comes to the forefront and is noticed by other crew members. They are not too happy about it as it affects their work when the couple engages in a fight. Even though Adam and Jenna’s romance continues to blossom, they are hit with a few challenges.

Adam and Jenna are continuously arguing about the speed of their relationship. While Jenna wants more from him, he seems reluctant. Jenna has a long list of ex-boyfriends and it seems like she is running out of patience. Adam, too, is not new to workplace romance as he has been involved in love triangles in the past seasons.

Jenna’s insecurity shoots up when she witnesses guests flirting with Adam. Adam’s jealousy and anger, too, poses a threat to their relationship when he comes to know that Jenna and their colleague, Georgia, had hooked up with the same guy in the past. But, Georgia manages to sort things out between the duo, and they quickly kiss and make up. Even though Adam and Jenna officially hook up on-screen and their sexual tension finally comes to fruition, Madison and other crew members are mad at the couple for sleeping together in the master guest cabin!

Even though their relationship is filled with drama and romance, the two have constantly been confusing the viewers with their mood swings. The off-and-on chemistry has been keeping fans at the edge of their seats with Jenna and Adam screaming their heads off one second and then cuddling the next.

Are Jenna and Adam Still Together?

Even though the show is still going on, it was filmed months ago. So fans are already wondering if the couple’s hot steamy romance will last or not. Adam has been keeping a low-profile on Instagram and doing a great job of hiding any spoilers. But, he recently said in an interview that his dynamic with Jenna has always been complicated and it still kind of is. He doesn’t know what is in store for the future, but they still talk every day. He confessed that their relationship has always been filled with lots of feelings and emotions, so it is hard to keep it stable. He also said that his job in the season was very frustrating and claustrophobic, and it was Jenna who would pop in from time to time to cheer him up. So, he appreciates that.

On the other hand, Jenna is a bit more open to sharing. She recently took to Instagram and dedicated a long post to Adam, wherein she said how grateful she was to have shared this journey with someone like him, be it a friend or lover.

According to Jenna’s posts, it seems like the duo is still together but working things through. She also confessed in an interview that she meets Adam regularly during weekends. The duo also met up with the crew for a reunion in Los Angeles, recently. She also shared that Adam went through a lot because of her but he evolved massively on the season.

For now, the two are leading different lives and probably attempting a long-distance relationship. While Jenna has been working full-time in Ontario, Adam has been traveling across the country for the filming of his new show ‘Stoked’.

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