Are Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett From Love is Blind Still Together?

In a world where blind dates temporarily lead to a relationship before ending in a breakup, Netflix based an entire show on a similar premise but with the hope to form the bond of a lifetime between the couples. ‘Love is Blind’ is an unscripted series that brings together 30 single men and women looking for true love. It premiered on February 13, 2020, and opened to favorable reviews among the audiences owing to the drama created by the intriguing personalities of the contestants.

With a choice to walk away single, engaged, married, or even turn down one’s partner standing at the altar, the show has amassed millions of fans across the globe. Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett are one of the couples who came onboard open to the idea of going the extra mile for the right one. So did their common goal help them stick to each other, or have they already given up?

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett: Love is Blind Journey

The fans saw Matthew Barnett get stuck in a love triangle between Jessica Batten and Amber Pike. He continued to flirt with the former while developing a deep connection with the latter. But eventually, the engineer confessed to Jessica that he had his heart set on proposing to Amber. After that, the two had a great time in Mexico, where Amber self-admittedly could not keep her hands off Barnett. The ex-tank mechanic candidly spoke about her financial problems since day one and their potential to “strain” her life partner.

On visiting Barnett’s family, his brother seemed to distrust the show’s format and expressed deep displeasure at his sibling’s decision to tie the knot with someone he barely knew. mber and Barnett paid no heed to the many hurdles and continued living their imperfectly beautiful love story. But it had a pinch of drama on the Big Day as Amber broke down in front of her friends, washed by the fear that Barnett might reject her at the altar.

Behind the scenes, the groom got cold feet on the day of their wedding, and his bride revealed that he had ceased all communication since early that morning. But the viewers got a sneak-peak into the backstory only after the season finale. What they saw was the bride gushing while saying her wedding vows, “Never have I ever met a man in my life that irks my nerves like you do. I found my love of my lifetime,” and her quickly responding with “I do.” So did the wedding jitters later have an impact on their relationship?

Are Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett Still Together?

Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike are happily married and have been living together since the season finale concluded a couple of years ago. Their social media accounts give the impression of a couple drunk in love and traveling around the globe. While the aforementioned is true, there is more to their story than merely that. During the reunion episode, Barnett and Amber revealed that real-life hit them hard after the cameras stopped rolling on their courtship period and marriage.

Mainly, the newlyweds had to put immense effort into readjusting their unrealistic expectations from their roles as husband and wife. Their “stubborn” personalities made matters worse until there came the point when Amber began to consider getting a divorce lawyer. Barnett and Amber ironed out their differences after they “stopped trying to force what we wanted from each other.”

They have clearly worked through all their small problems as they continue to learn new things about each other. In order to not burden her husband financially, Amber has started working as a cocktail waitress. The couple celebrated their second anniversary with the mushiest hashtags and captions like #loveofmylife and “I still can’t keep my hands off you!” Their ride might be bumpy but it is totally worth it.

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