Where Are the Love is Blind Couples Now?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’ turned out to be 2020’s first super-hit reality show! Based on the concept of a social experiment, contestants were allowed to date each other via pods. The contestants weren’t allowed to see each other and could only converse with a wall between them. The aim was to remove the physical aspect of dating and completely rely on the emotional bonds being formed. Eventually, six couples managed to connect and got engaged without worrying about appearance, caste, color, religion, etc. They were then allowed to see each other, go on a retreat, meet each other’s families, and plan their wedding day that took place in the finale. But, not every couple managed to get married, leading us to question whether love is actually blind or not? Here all the couples of Love is Blind and where they are now.

1. Cameron and Lauren

Cameron and Lauren were one of the most stable couples on the show. Having felt a connection from day one, the duo stayed loyal and focused on building a relationship with each other. Serious, genuinely determined, and committed, Cameron took no time to pop the question. Lauren, too, had eyes only for him. The couple was on the same page throughout the season and managed to keep their differences aside. The only hiccup they faced was when Cameron had to try really hard to win Lauren’s father’s approval as he was not sure about the potential of this inter-racial couple. Lauren also got cold feet a few days before the wedding, but she pulled herself together and said, ‘I do’!


The couple is still happily married, and recently bought a dog (much to Cameron’s chagrin) named ‘Sparks’. The couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary in Mexico, and they have also grown closer to each other’s families. Lauren and Cameron have also launched their own Youtube channel ‘Hangin’ With The Hamiltons’ that gives the viewers a sneak-peek into the couple’s lives and adventures. If rumors are to be believed, the couple might be getting their very own spin-off show soon.

2. Amber and Barnett


Amber and Barnett had a rocky and hot-and-cold relationship on the show. Amber’s ferocious territorial attitude and possessiveness intimidated Barnett, and his indecisiveness and commitment phobia irked her. Moreover, Barnett’s unhealthy love triangle with Jessica only added fuel to the fire! Amber’s background and heaps of debt not only made Barnett’s family unsure but also caused Barnett to rethink his decision. Despite all these obstacles and challenges, the duo managed to get married!

And surprisingly, they are still happy and together! Not many expected their marriage to last as rumors suggested that they were going through rocky times. Barnett’s discomfort with Amber’s cocktail waitressing profession led her to quit her job and become financially dependent on him. At one point of time, Amber even thought of contacting a divorce lawyer. But, the couple managed to work things out, and Amber even changed her last name to ‘Barnett’. The duo has now bought a new house together that is closer to the city.

3. Gigi and Damian

Gigi and Damian had quite a tumultuous relationship on the show, which became borderline toxic towards the finale. From heated arguments to violent confrontations and full-fledged swearing, the couple not only insulted each other innumerable times but also confused the viewers with their mood swings. Gigi’s temper issues and immaturity made Damian feel that she wasn’t ready for marriage and so he left her at the altar.

Even though the couple didn’t get married, a few meltdowns later, they apparently patched up. Gigi reached out to Damian a few hours after their wedding and talked things through. When the filming ended, they decided to get back together, keep dating, and see where it takes them.

4. Mark and Jessica


Mark and Jessica had an unhealthy relationship too. Mark seemed genuine and ready, even though Jessica felt he was eying her money and was too immature for marriage. He claimed that he had fallen hard for her and did seem to be purely committed to her. But, the same cannot be said about Jessica. Having become the show’s villain unintentionally, she not only tried to sabotage Amber and Barnett’s relationship many times but also led Mark on mercilessly. Jessica had always been uncomfortable with their age gap and struggled to get intimate with Mark as she didn’t find him attractive. It seemed like she was just settling and compromising in order to put an end to her loneliness.


Luckily for Mark, she removed her mask and left him at the altar. Mark since then had dated a woman for six months, but they broke up after the show aired. Jessica had been single and moved closer to her family home for a while. She is back in the dating game now. Also, in the reunion episode, Jessica apologized to Amber for her behavior, but she didn’t seem to be ready to forgive her.

5. Kenny and Kelly

One of the most shocking breakups on the show, Kenny and Kelly seemed to be meant for each other. The duo was another strong couple who had an easy-breezy time throughout the season. Not only did they connect from the very start, but surprisingly their families got on well with each other too. Kelly and Kenny didn’t sleep together and that worried Kenny a bit. But, he was understanding and patient. Kelly, on the other hand, was seen to be struggling with attraction issues. She confessed that she had a particular type she fell for and Kenny didn’t fit the bill. Apparently, he was too nice for her.

She then left the poor guy at the altar and moved on with her life. Kelly has been single since then, but Kenny found an amazing woman and has been in a serious relationship with her. In the reunion episode, Kelly shared that she thought she and Kenny would continue to date, but now she is happy for him and his lady love. If rumors are to be believed, Kelly and Kenny had already decided not to go through with the wedding and were just enjoying the experiment while it lasted.

6. Diamond and Carlton

Diamond and Carlton’s relationship was way too rushed. And therefore, it was short-lived. The couple dated for a few days in the pod until Carlton popped the question. The only issue was that he hadn’t been honest about his sexual orientation. Only a few days later, when the couples were staying in the resort for their retreat, Carlton admitted to being bisexual. Diamond was taken aback. It wasn’t as much about his preference as it was about him lying. Diamond wished that he had been honest from the start, and him hiding this vital piece of information only triggered her trust issues.

The situation wasn’t handled well by the duo, and they ended up calling off their engagement in a frenzy! In the reunion episode, the duo apologized to each other, and Carlton gave her the ring back as a peace offering. They are not back together but have decided to stay friends.


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