Aussie and Mildred: Is The Ultimatum Queer Love Duo Still Together?

The Ultimatum: Queer Love’ is an exciting reality show that features five couples. However, each couple is divided in their opinion as one half is ready to settle down, while the other half has apprehensions about marriage. Hence, through the show, the ones who are prepared to marry can issue an ultimatum to their better halves. Throughout the experiment, the couples get to co-mingle and form new pairs on their own. However, ultimately, they have to decide whether to return to their original partners, get engaged to their trial partners, or remain single.

Although Mildred Bustillo and Tiff connected over social media before embarking on a romantic relationship, the former was devastated when she realized that her partner had doubts about marriage. Hence, Mildred issued Tiff an ultimatum, forcing them to decide as fast as possible. Meanwhile, Aussie Chau developed an incredible relationship with May after meeting her online during the Covid-19 crisis. Yet, with Aussie unwilling to settle down, May served her partner an ultimatum, hoping for a quick solution. However, during the three-week experiment, Aussie and Mildred developed a pretty intimate connection, making viewers wonder if the two are still together. Well, let’s delve into the details and find out more, shall we?

Aussie and Mildred’s The Ultimatum: Queer Love Journey

Aussie and Sam met each other while browsing through an online social media group for LGBTQ+ people. While readers would be interested to know that Sam is more than a decade younger than Aussie, their relationship blossomed with each passing day. However, even though Sam soon realized she was ready to commit to Aussie full-time, the latter was quite apprehensive. Apart from having communication and anxiety issues, Aussie was unsure if marriage would be the correct way forward. Hence, Sam found no way out other than issuing an ultimatum.

On the other hand, Tiff was scrolling through Instagram when they found Mildred’s profile and connected with her online. Although Tiff was only looking for a sexual partner, they soon learned how Mildred had gone through a recent divorce and was even a mother to a special needs son. Subsequently, after spending some time with each other, the two soon fell in love and appeared almost inseparable. Interestingly, the pair even moved in together at one point, but Mildred eventually issued an ultimatum to Tiff after worrying about their communication issues and constant altercation, which weren’t suitable for marriage.

Aussie and Mildred appeared to have an instant connection during their very first meeting, as the former was glad to have found someone who was not as confrontational and aggressive as her “ex.” Similarly, Mildred was attracted by the soft-spoken Aussie and realized she finally had someone who wanted to connect on a deeper level. In fact, while choosing each other in episode 3, Mildred and Aussie insisted that mutual admiration played a significant role in their bond, and the former even described Aussie as a “deep person.” At the same time, Aussie claimed to connect with Mildred on several different levels and promised to give their relationship a genuine chance.

Unfortunately, things did not remain rosy for long, as even though Aussie and Mildred settled in comfortably together, the former’s commitment issues began showing up the moment they discussed future plans. While Mildred was confident about committing to someone who would keep her happy for a lifetime, Aussie tended to overanalyze things and was unsure of her desires. Even Aussie’s friend, Mo, seemed aware of the issues plaguing the two, and Mildred eventually expressed her concerns about Aussie’s dedication to the experiment. Subsequently, the two had a massive fight when Mildred accused her partner of having communication issues and not even doing the housework properly. Yet, Aussie, hating confrontation, chose to walk away from the argument and insisted that the previous relationship didn’t require this much effort.

Aussie Chau and Mildred Woody Prefers to Keep Their Dating Life Private

Once filming for ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love’ ended, Aussie and Mildred chose to return to their respective lives and have since kept the details of their relationship under wraps. Yet, current developments indicate that the two aren’t together as they do not follow each other on social media and rarely interact in public. While the show made it apparent that Mildred and Aussie could not develop romantic feelings for each other despite trying their best, the latter’s commitment issues could also have been a significant reason behind their breakup.

Nevertheless, at present, Mildred appears busy furthering her career as a Zumba instructor and being a wonderful mother to her son, while Aussie is determined to improve their life and bring their issues under control. On top of it, while neither appears to have a ring on their fingers, there is nothing to suggest that the two lead a connected life, making us believe that Mildred and Aussie have broken up and gone their separate ways.

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