Are Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam From Married At First Sight Still Together?

Married at First Sight‘ explores how marriage will work if the partners tie the knot at their very first meeting. Pairing previously unacquainted couples from a group of singles, the show marries them off and has them settle down together. What follows is an interesting sequence where each pair compromises for love in their own unique way. ‘MAFS’ season 13 paired Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam, who became the show’s first Asian couple.

Although the show ran extensive background checks, fans were shocked to find out that the pair knew each other from before the show. Nevertheless, Bao and Johnny still followed the format and were quite excited to get married. However, some recent developments have hinted at the couple’s relationship being in danger. Let’s find out if Bao and Johnny are still together, shall we?

Bao and Johnny Lam’s Married At First Sight Journey

With both Bao and Johnny belonging to the same community, experts and fans were rooting for them to last the test of time. Although Bao was initially wary of being matched with someone she already knew, she did not let their past relationship affect the present and was quite excited about the marriage. On the other hand, Johnny was a bit surprised after learning that Bao had passed him up on dating apps but decided to give their connection a try.

Initially, the couple found common footing and enjoyed their time together. They even went on a beautiful boat ride, and although it almost ended in an accident with Johnny going overboard, Bao mentioned that seeing Johnny in trouble made her realize how much he meant to her. However, like most ‘MAFS’ marriages, Bao and Johnny began facing issues with their habits and lifestyles. They had frequent altercations on everyday matters, and the fights, although minor, started eating away at their relationship.

The couple fought on several issues, including Johnny’s insistence on always showering before bed and Bao’s tendency to snore at night. The arguments got so severe that Johnny even threatened to live alone in his apartment. However, he later claimed he did not go through with it. Nevertheless, their unwillingness to compromise on each other’s needs coupled with the rift between them due to the fights gave rise to speculations about them not making it through.

Are Bao and Johnny Still Together?

It is unclear if Bao and Johnny are still together as they are pretty private regarding their married life and refrain from revealing anything in public. However, recent developments on the show do not hint towards a happy ending for the couple. For starters, Johnny felt that their relationship was quite platonic and did not possess the passion he was searching for in a partner. Still, he remained hopeful and trusted that the experts’ decision to pair them would prove fruitful in the long run.

However, the numerous altercations and disagreements soon sowed the seeds of doubt in him as Johnny, even after believing he was ready for marriage, began having second thoughts. On the other hand, Bao was quick to catch on to Johnny’s lack of interest and expressed her worries about an apparent lack of commitment in their relationship. Bao also went on to claim that she thought Johnny wasn’t ready to commit to a marriage.

Keeping their problems in mind, it is tough to determine if the couple is still together. Due to their preference for privacy, there are no reports on the couple’s current status, and their social media posts stand hidden. Additionally, with the show still on the air, Johnny and Bao are under a confidentiality agreement that restricts them from sharing their relationship status before the finale is released. As we wait for confirmation about the pair’s situation, we would like to wish them the very best for their life ahead.

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