Bre-Z and Chris Amore: Is the Couples Retreat Duo Still in a Relationship?

Image Credit: Chris Amore/Instagram

There was a lot of interest in Bre-Z, aka Calesha Murray, and Chris Amore’s relationship when the two appeared on MTV’s ‘Couples Retreat,’ as they were the first queer couple featured on the show. While Bre-Z is popular in the music industry as an established Rapper, she is known best for being a fantastic actress who has appeared in several hit shows, including ‘Empire,’ ‘The Real Deal Tales,’ and ‘All American,’ among others.

On the other hand, Chris Amore rose to popularity as a Makeup Artist and has since dipped her toes in entrepreneurship as she owns and operates her company Amore Skin Facials. With fans now eager to learn more about the couple, we decided to jump in and find out if Bre-Z and Chris Amore are still together.

Bre-Z and Chris Amore’s Couples Retreat Journey

Interestingly, even before meeting her in real life, Chris Amore was one of Bre-Z’s biggest fans. She later mentioned that she initially came across the Rapper during her appearance on ‘Empire’ and wondered if she was into girls. Eventually, Chris learned of Bre-Z’s actual name, and once they met face-to-face, they hit it off instantly. In fact, the latter later mentioned that even though she was pretty popular, she only had a handful of close friends and never had much to do with her life. Hence, the friendship with Chris came as a breath of fresh air as the latter introduced Bre-Z to experiences and activities she would never do alone.

Image Credit: Bre-Z/Instagram

Bre-Z acknowledged that it did not take long for Chris to become her best friend, and the two had incredible experiences whenever they were together. On top of it, the Rapper mentioned that despite the Makeup Artist’s love for an active lifestyle, she never hesitated to leave everything and spend time with her, which made their friendship even deeper. Fans would be glad to know that this heartwarming connection continued for around a year before Bre-Z and Chris realized they had feelings for each other. Consequently, their romantic relationship started strong as it had its foundations in friendship.

Besides, readers would be interested to know the duo’s coming out stories. Bre-Z mentioned that her mother got a hint about her sexuality when she found a letter from another girl in her pocket when the actress was in the eighth grade. On the other hand, Chris claimed she never came out officially to her parents but brought whoever she wanted to back home. Moreover, the entrepreneur insisted that her mother believed that everyone she introduced was her friend, so she never got to discuss the situation openly with her loved ones.

Eventually, in March 2021, Bre-Z took the first step and popped the question in front of their family and friends. Naturally, Chris was only too happy to give her consent, and the pair began planning a life together. Additionally, the two appeared on ‘Love That For Us’ in 2021, where they opened up about their relationship and the fairytale proposal. When Bre-Z and Chris Amore appeared on MTV’s ‘Couple Retreat,’ they were made aware of a few minor issues plaguing their relationship. Nevertheless, the challenges and activities brought them together and made them stronger than ever before.

Bre-Z and Chris Amore Are Still Together

We are happy to report that Bre-Z and Chris Amore are together and in it for the long run. The two love featuring each other on their social media accounts, and they often share the memories they make with their fans. Furthermore, Chris penned a heartfelt post on Instagram, along with an adorable picture, where she wrote, “The feeling of knowing that you don’t want to live without someone is one of the most special feelings to experience. Years in, and my heart still races for you. My person.” As Bre-Z and Chris are planning their wedding and looking forward to their life together, we wish them the best for the coming years.

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