Are Brett Robinson and Tana Mongeau Still Dating?

Image Credit: Brett Robinson/TikTok

Brett Robinson and Tana Marie Mongeau garnered a lot of attention when they made their relationship public in a TikTok video posted at the beginning of 2022. While Brett garnered massive popularity with his appearance on ‘Big Brother’ season 20, Tana became popular as a YouTube content creator and singer. She also features in the hit song “Clout 9” with celebrities such as Bella Thorne, Lil Phag and Dr. Woke and has her own show, ‘No Filter: Tana Mongeau.’ The gorgeous star has garnered massive popularity over the years, which won her ‘Creator of the Year’ in 2019.

On the other hand, Brett Robinson is a natural beauty with brains. He is a Cybersecurity Engineer behind all the pecks and muscles. Fans of the couple might ponder when and how their love blossomed. Naturally, their dedicated fanbase is anxious to know about the pair’s journey, how they define “perfect timing” as lovers, and most importantly, the current standing of their relationship. If you are one of them, here’s everything you need to know about your favorite couple.

How Did Brett Robinson and Tana Mongeau Meet?

Brett Robinson and Tana Mongeau met at a party in November 2021. Just a month later, intense chemistry sparked between the two at a New Year’s party. Talking about their first meeting in a March 2022 interview with ‘The Good Boys,’ the Big Brother star said, “She (Tana) posted a video saying I am a Southern gentlemen type charm. Though, I am from Connecticut….in her defense I did meet her in a cowboy hat at Poppy on Wednesday.. it was Country Night and I was wearing my cowboy boots.. It was sometime in November (2021), and her (Tana’s) friend took my hat..and I don’t know how I got here.”

The reality TV personalities then met each other in Las Vegas on New Year’s, January 1, 2022, and made unforgettable memories. In ‘The Good Boys’ podcast, Brett revealed that he was in the same nightclub as Tana on New Year’s Eve but failed to recognize her. When he came across Tana’s social media the following day, he said he approached her, claiming they were just “2 feet apart.”

The sweet-funny love story between the pair started with their conversation, leading to the duo spending time in Vegas together. Shortly after, the pair shared cute videos with each other on their respective TikTok accounts. She released a video in which a social media generator at random predicted that she would get married in 2022. The two enthusiastically kissed after reading the message. Tana jokingly asked her fans if they should get married as they were chilling in Vegas.

A few hours later, Brett uploaded a video of them with the caption, “when you finally stop being hookup buddies and start dating.” The YouTube personality asked her fans on Twitter for advice after Brett posted his video. Tana posted, “This hot successful man I’ve been hooking up with just asked me to be his girlfriend 10 times.” She added whether she should date him as “he’s perfect.” So, what happened next? Did Brett and Tana actually get married in Vegas? Are they still together? Let’s find out.

Brett Robinson and Tana Mongeau Are No Longer Together

Sadly for the fans who’d been shipping the two, Brett Robinson and Tana Mongeau are not together. Though the fun-loving pair seemed to have a deeper connection on social media, the entire New Year fiasco was seemingly short-lived. We guess what happens in Vegas actually stays in Vegas. As of writing, the handsome Cybersecurity Engineer is gearing up to garner more eyeballs as he enters season 5 of ‘The Circle’ as a single man. On the other hand, Tana Mongeau is also living her best single life, focusing her energy on her YouTube channel.

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