Are Caro and Ray From Love Island Still Together? 

“Love Island” by CBS is a Television reality show that gives its contestants a chance to find love and also win a grand cash prize. Raymond Gantt and Caroline Viehweg began their journey together in an atypical manner. Caro featured on the fifth season and attempted multiple connections with other ‘Islanders’ before Ray appeared on the series. They are one of the few couples that formed a genuine relationship that stayed hand in hand even after the show ended. But rumor has it that the couple failed to survive the pandemic, being miles apart. Let us get to the root of it to know for sure what happened!

Caro and Ray: Love Island Journey

The fifth season began airing on ITV2 on 3 June 2019 and by the end of the show, July 29, Ray and Caro had found true love in each other. Sadly, when the show began, she exerted much of her energy into forming coerced connections with Cashel, Michael, and Cormac. The instant bonding Ray had with her was refreshing to watch as the two effortlessly crossed all the hurdles that came their way. Their relationship flowed freely and turned into something so beautiful that even the couple was taken by surprise.

Ray revealed early on that he was curious to know Caro better and had fallen for her quirky “baby voice”. She reciprocated his feelings and felt his positive energy growing on her. Episode 17 of the series gave them a chance to spend a night away from all the eyes and the two just could not contain their happiness. Ray toasted to the “love” they both were feeling and thus became one of the strongest couples in the villa. In episode 21, they made their relationship official after hitting it off rather quickly. The two did not win the show but this did not dampen their feelings for each other. Another difficulty they had to face was continuing in a long-distance relationship. Caro and Ray lived on opposite sides of America.  

Are Caro and Ray Still Together?

Being a marketing student in Los Angeles, Caro must have found it really difficult to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with her boyfriend, Ray who is studying biology and sociology in New Jersey. Sometimes the price of building a strong career for oneself is too much to bear. They carried on with each other for almost a year before the duo decided to call it quits. 

But this is just speculation based on the fact that both of them have deleted each other’s pictures from their social media accounts. It is hard to believe that Ray, who has always been so vocal about his admiration for Caro, would decide to not showcase his love for any other reason than that. Another fact that fuels the break-up rumors are the one-liners both of them have been sharing with their public.  

Only recently, Ray indignantly expressed that he could afford to delve deep into his ‘feelings’ as there was much to take care of. The same can be said about Caro because, as of today, her Instagram only exhibits gorgeous pictures of her various photoshoots or some of them with her friends and family. Even she did not stay behind in explicitly conveying how she felt about putting in so much effort. Heart-breaking as it is to accept the news, their fans can only wish the best for both of them and be supportive about the path they have chosen to walk on. 

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