Are Dani and Adan From Love on the Spectrum US Still Together?

There’s no denying that the world of dating is complex in general, but for those who are on the autism spectrum, it does come with an additional set of challenges that others can’t even begin to comprehend. This is precisely what ‘Love on the Spectrum U.S.’ (a spinoff of the eponymous Australian original series) aims to illustrate by following a group of adults with autism as they navigate love as well as relationships. The beautifully ambitious entrepreneur Dani Bowman was one of the individuals who appeared on the show. So now, if you wish to learn more about her and her last date Adan’s current standing, we’ve got you covered.

Dani and Adan’s Love on the Spectrum U.S. Journey

Having established her own business at 14 (Danimation Entertainment) after spending her earlier years in a self-described dysfunctional home, Dani knew she wanted both love and stability in life. Her aunt and uncle are the ones who raised her and set an example for her. Thus, the 26-year-old stated that her “ideal partner would be someone who can depend on me; we want to depend on each other.” It takes equal parts trust as well as professional hard work rather than anything else to win the bold animator’s heart — the reason she has had to “kiss many frogs” in her quest for love.

Dani’s first date in the reality docuseries was with Solomon, which actually ended in quite a few pecks due to the instant physical spark they both felt despite their sheer nervousness. Yet, she soon deemed it a mistake and asked to go slow during their second date because Dani genuinely wanted to get to know Solomon more in order to analyze if their goals aligned. She hoped to find someone who could be her partner in the animation/business side of things as well. So once Dani was positive their goals didn’t align, she parted ways with Solomon, and he understandably didn’t take it well.

Dani then chose to try speed dating, only to come across California State University-Fullerton animation student and near-perfect ‘Ren & Stimpy’ impressionist Adan. Apart from their shared interest as well as ASD diagnosis, he made her laugh so much during their few minutes together that it honestly came as no surprise they matched at the end. Dani was Adan’s first official date. She basically told him she didn’t find him attractive, yet it was seemingly okay with Adan, who agreed with her statement that “seeing from the heart and from the soul” is true love.

Are Dani and Adan Still Together?

Despite Dani and Adan agreeing to meet for a second date following their dinner, the Netflix original revealed that she actually began a relationship with Solomon a couple of months after filming concluded. However, they broke up a while later, giving way to the duo in question to get together again, but it doesn’t appear as if it ever worked out in either of their favor. In fact, the animator’s social media platforms make it evident that she is currently single, focusing on expanding her wings in the professional field, all the while hoping to find her prince charming.

Dani recently uploaded a few snapshots from her prom, which she attended with her “good friend” Keaton Bick (the one also seen in the post above), explaining her present situation in the comments. “I really do want to find true love, but I realize [now] that if you don’t have a good trusting friendship first, the relationship is doomed,” she penned.

The aforementioned remark is pretty appropriate because Dani’s caption reads, “I almost didn’t go to prom because no one asked me, but then my good friend from Florida, Keaton… called me via Skype and asked to take me to prom.” She added, “I thought he was kidding because he lives in Florida and I live in LA, but he was serious. He flew to LA just to take me to prom! I will never forget that. Keeping your good Friends in your life is so important.”

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