Are Derynn And Pretty Ricky From Double Shot at Love Still Together?

‘Double Shot at Love’ is an American reality TV show that starts off on a lighter note as the ‘Jersey Shore’ best friends, DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino, look for love in 20 women. Soon, things get hot and intense when the ladies start competing for their attention and affection. In addition to the game segments and talent shows, what makes the series all the more interesting is the unexpected couplings that form during the show.

Derynn Paige has been one such cast member who got eliminated in the first season’s finale but made a comeback in its second edition. She did not fail to surprise the audience as she hooked up with Vinny’s friend, Ricky. With an utterly spontaneous start, the two took a leap of faith and decided to take things ahead. But are Derynn and Ricky still together? Let’s find out!

Derynn And Pretty Ricky: Double Shot at Love Journey

During the September 17 episode, the cast members decided to turn an uneventful night into a happening one by going to a local nightclub, accompanied by Pauly D and Vinny. One of the members, Derynn Paige, spotted an extremely good looking guy across the room. She initiated a conversation with this stranger, and he too showed interest in the pretty woman. Looking no less than a Greek-god, he introduced himself as Ricky Rogers and revealed that he was a stripper by profession. Derynn instantaneously started to drool over him, and both of them flirt back and forth.

At the end of the exciting night, he asked her out on a date, and she happily obliged. While on it, they talked about previous relationships and plans regarding marriage and kids. The pair shared a steamy kiss during the party, at the end of which they made their relationship official. While everything seemed to be hunky-dory at that moment, Derynn needed to make some tough decisions to be with him. Fans of the couple have been growing impatient to know what happened between the two? Well, here is your answer! SPOILER ALERT!

Are Derynn And Pretty Ricky Still Together?

Well, at the season’s finale, it looked like Derynn and Ricky decided to be with each other. This became apparent after Ricky started flirting with Derynn in the comments section of the picture she posted on her Instagram. But even after this, it could not be confirmed if it was only flirting or a relationship talk.

Derynn Paige/Instagram

Derynn tried her best not to reveal any such details on her social media accounts, but it looks like the cat came out of the bag after she published “I got the real double shot at love” on her Twitter Handle. Her current status can only be concluded in one way: the couple has chosen to go forward with their decision to be with each other following the end of the second season.

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