Are Diamond and Andile From Young, Famous & African Still Friends?

As the title suggests, Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous & African’ centers around a bunch of incredibly successful media stars as they navigate all aspects of life in the beautiful city of Johannesburg. Imagine ‘Bling Empire‘ but with a pure African twist, and this production is precisely what you’ll end up with, especially considering the drama-filled feuds, flirtations, and friendships involved. Amongst that was the close association between Diamond Platnumz and Andile Ncube, for whom things actually got a little awkward towards the end, so now let’s find out where they stand today, shall we?

Are Diamond and Andile Still Friends?

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz and South African sports presenter Andile Ncube first connected during Khanyi Mbau’s extravagant ball, only to realize they were pretty similar. That’s just in terms of their values and not their personalities or the way they carry themselves, though, as evidenced by their speaking mannerisms as well as their every action. The prime example of this is; while the ‘First of All’ EP artist proudly conceded he’s a player, the quiet yet articulate television personality stated he doesn’t consider himself the perfect gentleman, “but I’m a gentleman in training.”

Despite that, to continue getting to know one another, once Andile invited Diamond over to his “nest,” a.k.a the golf course, he accepted, which (of course!) led to a very candid conversation about women. That’s when the duo discussed their baby mamas, particularly Diamond’s relationship with his ex Zari Hassan, and his new friend didn’t shy away from pinpointing their close dynamic or the fact that the singer was in the wrong for cheating. However, knowing the entire history, Andile still attempted to make a move on Zari after Diamond went away on a long business trip.

The timing was just coincidental, not opportunistic, but the sportscaster did drift towards the entrepreneur a lot despite also being aware that she was seeing someone else entirely at the moment. From private conversations to holding hands and from long hugs to spending quality time together, the duo did it all in the name of exploring their “vibes” to see where things could go. Everyone warned Andile about breaking the “bro code” and the entire situation being simply inappropriate, yet he justified it by making it clear that since nothing was official, he was walking a thin line.

Things came to a head when Andile showed up at Zari’s home because he was missing her while at Innocent and Annie Idibia’s vow renewal ceremony, just to come face-to-face with Diamond. The latter thought his closest friend, his “G,” his “real brother,” was there to see him, but without beating around the bush, the former carefully admitted that he came for Zari. Andile didn’t even know that Diamond was there to spend some time with his kids, making things incredibly awkward.

Having said that, from what we can tell through their social media platforms, it appears as if the musician and television host are, at least, still on good terms. Not only do they follow one another on Instagram, but they’ve also seemingly joked around about season 1’s cliffhanger – of Diamond’s reaction to the whole situation – on their Stories through fan reposts. Moreover, as Zari is now involved with somebody else, there seems to be absolutely no bad blood between Diamond and Andile.

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