Are Domynique and Mackinley from MAFS Still Together?

Since 2014, ‘Married at First Sight’ has brought together several couples and showcased that true love can be found in the most unlikely place. The hit reality TV show follows relationship experts who pair strangers who end up getting married at first sight as part of an experiment. The show follows their journey as they overcome obstacles in their path and decide whether or not they are right for each other.

Among the five couples of season 16, the one that managed to rake in the drama was Domynique Kloss and Mackinley Gilbert. While the pair’s personal compatibility was questioned by fans from the get-go, many hoped that the two would find the ability to see through the damage and drama. Naturally, many fans must be wondering whether the two individuals labeled the most ill-suitable are still together or not. Luckily we’ve got the answers.

Domynique and Mackinley’s Married at First Sight Journey

At 34, Mackinley Gilbert, originally from Michigan, recently moved to Nashville to broaden his career opportunities and also settle down. After dropping out of college, Mackinley started his own cannabis company in 2019 and now lives in his friend’s basement. On the other hand, 25-year-old Domynique Kloss hailed from Nashville and graduated from The Univerisity of Tennessee Southern. Kloss works as a real estate agent and came to the show looking for love after facing an ill-suited dating pool.

While the apparent age gap perturbed viewers immensely, the issues that began from the get-go set Domynique and Mackinley up for major drama. As the show’s premise goes, a group of strangers is brought together at the altar to tie the knot, and then go on their honeymoon and even move in together. While people had hoped for Domynique and Mackinley to smooth sail throughout the experiment, the problems in their journey became apparent when the couple went on their honeymoon.

Upon her entry into the show, Domynique revealed that it was actually her mother who had signed her up for the experiment. On the other hand, Mackinley wasn’t prepared to handle the obligations of a committed marriage. As such, what naturally erupted was a clash of their egos and personas that did not allude to a possibility of a happy marriage.

Mackinley believed that at 25, Domynique needed to experience everything that the world has to offer. Stepping into marriage would be a major commitment that involves a better perspective and insight. He also opened up that while he understands how he falls short to contribute in the relationship, he necessarily does not deserve the backlash and ego-bruise that Domynique offered.

While the incompatibility of the duo was palpable and their shortfallings pointed as a result of their differing personas, fans were irked by the hit-and-miss on the part of the production team. Fans criticized the creators and producers for matching Domynique and Mackinley, two individuals with contrasting personalities and little common ground. As such, instead of seeing people who could possibly form a deep connection, fans were divided into the faults and shortcomings of the duo.

Even Mackinley and Domynique felt that their issues were too deep to overcome. After the honeymoon segment, the couples were supposed to prepare their housewarming parties, but controversy struck between Domynique and Mackinley once again when their pairing began to crumble. Instead of discussing the probability of their future, the two lent heavily on each other’s shortfallings and decided to get divorced and drop out of the experiment midway. While fans weren’t surprised by the impromptu decision, they had hoped the couple would see it through the experiment, leaving many curious about their current relationship status.

Are Domynique and Mackinley Still Together?

No, Domynique and Mackinley are no longer together. Even when the couple was termed the perfect match by experts, the reality that ensued turned out to be much different. Unwilling to compromise and meet each other midway to reservations about each other’s professional and personal demeanor, Mackinley and Domynique were always on the cusp of a bubble burst.

After the two departed the experiment in an unlikely way, fans have wondered whether the two reconciled outside the show or not. While Mackinely did go on to confide in an interview with People that he’s open to reconciliation, he also feels let down about how their time was cut short in the series. Not just this, he also clarified that Domynique chose what was right for her and that he harbors no ill feelings towards the cast member. So, even though the two keep their private life under wraps and hidden from the world, we continue to hope they find the right partners.

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