Evelyn and Lavon: Is the Queens Court Couple Still Dating?

Peacock’s dating series, ‘Queens Court,’ features a trio of women on a quest to find their ideal partners, or “Kings.” Throughout the show, the women explore a pool of 21 confident and successful prospective suitors, putting their personalities and compatibility to the test. The series promises a blend of drama, romance, and humor as the queens navigate the highs and lows of the dating world by engaging in a range of activities with their suitors.

From adventurous outdoor excursions to intimate one-on-one conversations, the trio seeks to form deep connections as they strive to find their perfect matches. Evelyn Lozada, one of the “queens” of season 1, had the time of her life on the show, wherein she met LaVon Lewis. Judging by their interactions and chemistry, the two seemed absolutely perfect for each other. If you are wondering if the pair is still together after the cameras stopped rolling, we’ve got you covered.

Evelyn and Lavon’s Queens Court Journey

In the inaugural season, we meet Evelyn Lozada, who was ready to find love again after a tumultuous divorce. The ‘Basketball Wives’ alum had 21 handsome bachelors to choose from; however, her eyes were set on LaVon Lewis since the second episode of the show. LaVon immediately struck a chord with Evelyn with his charm and easy-going personality. The two shared a lot of things in common, and they quickly hit it off. LaVon wanted to make a good impression on Evelyn and show her how much he cared about her.

LaVon knew that she wasn’t the kind of person who enjoyed going out to fancy restaurants, so he decided to do something special for their first date. He set up a beautiful dinner right in their backyard, complete with a candlelit table, twinkling lights, and soft music playing in the background. LaVon wanted to surprise Evelyn with something personal to show how much she meant to him, and he decided to make her a bouquet of flowers.

LaVon attempted to make a bouquet for Evelyn, but they didn’t quite turn out the way he had hoped. However, for their first date, he managed to arrange a beautiful bouquet of lilies and other flowers and gifted her a box of butterflies. The sight of the box of butterflies immediately moved Evelyn to tears. It reminded her of her childhood best friend who had passed away, and she had always associated butterflies with her late friend. It was a touching moment, and LaVon’s gesture showed how much he understood Evelyn on a deeper level.

Throughout the rest of the season, Evelyn and LaVon’s relationship grew stronger. They shared many romantic moments together, and it was evident that they had a deep connection. In the end, Evelyn chose LaVon as her partner, and they left the show as a happy couple. Overall, LaVon’s surprise for Evelyn was a beautiful gesture that showed how much he cared for her. It was a reminder that sometimes, the simplest gestures can profoundly impact people’s lives. The pair left the show hand in hand and lost in each other’s love.

Evelyn and LaVon Are Planning Their Future Together

After the show ended, Evelyn and Lewis got engaged in the most adorable way. In an interview with People, LaVon said, “The thing about Evelyn is, it is very hard to surprise her.” He added, “I told her to pack her bags; we’re going somewhere. She was blindfolded until she got to the front door. She walked into about 20 close friends and family and the big ‘marry me’ letters, roses on the ground, things like that.”

In December, during a small gathering in Los Angeles with close friends and family, Lewis proposed to Lozada on her birthday. The couple was surrounded by loved ones as Lewis popped the question, and Lozada happily accepted. To commemorate the occasion, the couple enjoyed a custom cake with a beautiful butterfly design. The cake had two sides, one that read “Happy Birthday” and the other that read, “She said, ‘Yes.”

The proposal was a special moment for the couple, and they were grateful to have their loved ones there to share in their joy. LeVon is the driving force behind Connect Branding and Marketing, serving as the Founder, Creative Director, and Lead Designer. His passion lies in pushing the boundaries of brand innovation and evolution. He consistently strives to deliver unique and impactful solutions for his clients.

Evelyn had been married to NFL player Chad “OchoCino” Johnson in 2012 for 41 days. The reality TV star penned a few novels including, ‘The Wives Association: Inner Circle,’ ‘The Perfect Date’ which was co-written with Holly Lorincz, and in 2020, she published ‘The Wrong Mr. Darcy.’ She has made appearances on reality TV shows such as ‘Ev and Ocho,’ ‘Livin’LOzada,’ ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life,’ and others. With their engagement, Lewis and Lozada are excited to begin planning their future together as a couple.

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