Are First Class’ Zaida and Marc Still Together?

Reality shows offering us a peek into the lives of the rich and famous have been popular for ages. Netflix’s ‘First Class’ takes a leaf out of the same book as it revolves around a bunch of successful friends in Barcelona. Although the group contains people from various professions and walks of life, they all lead high-profile social lives and have a shared obsession with fashion, parties, exclusive events, and the like. Moreover, the show even adds a healthy dash of romance with a sprinkle of drama, which makes for some exciting television.

The first couple to be introduced on the show, Zaida Márquez and Marc Patsy, appeared to be very much in love. Besides, they even completed each other’s sentences and seemed to share a similar worldview, which naturally turned them into an adorable fan-favorite pair. Nevertheless, with the season now behind us, we decided to jump in and find out if Zaida and Marc are still together.

Zaida and Marc’s First Class Journey

Although Marc and Zaida dated for quite some time before tying the knot, Zaida mentioned that her partner was too shy to propose directly. However, she added that life with Marc has been amazing, as he has always treated Zaida like a queen and never once made her feel awkward or left out of his life. Their engagement was also pretty interesting, as Marc was unable to ask for her hand in marriage directly. However, he took Zaida to a relatively quiet place and told her how she changed his life for the better before presenting her with a beautiful diamond ring.

Zaida immediately knew what her partner wanted and was only too happy to say yes, as the couple exchanged their vows soon after. Right after marriage, Zaida and Marc kept shuttling between London and Barcelona, and their traveling lifestyle did not allow them to find a circle of close friends in either city. However, that completely changed once the couple met Alex Agulló, who immediately invited them to be a part of his group.

Within no time, Zaida and Marc were given a warm welcome, and over time they got pretty attached to most of the ‘First Class’ cast members. However, the pair were pretty dejected as none of their new friends were present when they originally tied the knot. Hence, while on the show, Marc bought a ring for his wife and proposed to hold a vow-renewal ceremony, to which Zaida immediately gave her consent. Besides, she was pleasantly surprised by the magnificent diamond ring, and their commitment to each other was pretty apparent.

Are Zaida Marquez and Marc Patsy Still Together?

Yes! We are delighted to report that Zaida and Marc are together and going strong. The love they have for each other seems to be multiplying with each passing day. Although Marc is private about his personal life, Zaida loves keeping her fans updated about her love life through incredibly aesthetic posts on social media. She often shares pictures of the beautiful memories she makes with her husband and never shies away from professing her love in public.

In one instance, Zaida posted a picture of the two of them together and simply captioned it, “My happiness in one picture.” To this very day, Zaida and Marc divide their time between London and Barcelona, although they consider their friend circle in Barcelona to be their actual family. It is heartwarming to see their love blossom, and we hope Zaida and Marc remain happy in the coming years.

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