Where Is First Class’ Meilan Kao Now?

Netflix’s ‘First Class’ is an interesting reality show that offers us a sneak peek into the lives of a group of successful friends in Barcelona. While the group consists of people from all professional fields, they are brought together by their mutual love for fashion, parties, and high-profile social life. Moreover, even as cameras follow the cast around, portraying how they balance their personal and professional commitments, the show packs a dose of romance and drama, spicing things up for the audience.

People familiar with Meilan Kao know she was born into one of the most significant culinary families in Barcelona. On the show, Mei was introduced as an accomplished chef who owned two popular Chinese restaurants in the city. While it’s pretty interesting to witness her everyday life, fans are curious to know where she is at present. Well, we come bearing answers!

Meilan Kao’s First Class Journey

Unlike some of her co-stars, Meilan Kao seemed quite reserved during her first appearance in ‘First Class.’ Interestingly, she is the granddaughter of Kao Tze Chien, a chef who once worked for the first Chinese restaurant in Spain. Thus, naturally, Mei grew up surrounded by food and a culture that promoted Asian cuisine, as even her father owned popular restaurants in town. However, she did not immerse herself in the family business until 2012.

Mei initially pursued a course in International Business in Barcelona. Later, she entered the fashion industry and had a successful career in Los Angeles before returning to her hometown. Once back in Barcelona, Mei realized that her heart has always been in the food industry, and she, along with her sister, started the company Grupo Kao, under which they operate four successful restaurants which serve a blend of traditional Asian and modern cooking.

Interestingly, Mei appeared to share a close bond with most of her cast mates on the show. However, she refused to get into altercations and mostly stayed away from confrontation. This made most others appreciate her presence and even hold her in high regard as a friend and confidante. Nevertheless, Mei isn’t always serious, as the TV show did bring out her playful side and even showed how obsessed she is with fashion and parties. Besides, she even came across as someone who loves to share and is always ready to extend a helping hand, no matter what.

Where Is Meilan Kao Now?

At present, Mei is based out of Barcelona, where she and her sister run their company Grupo Kao, under which they operate four restaurants, namely Restaurante Shanghai, Kao Dim Sum, Kao Soldeu, and their authentic Chinese delivery service, Kao Street. Moreover, it was stated on the show that Mei’s father currently holds the position of Executive Chef at one of her restaurants. He even praised Mei’s vision and success in the wine business.

Unfortunately for her fans, Mei is quite private when it comes to her personal life. Having said that, the lack of a significant other is quite apparent in her recent posts. Still, from the looks of it, the Chinese restauranteur has built up a wonderful life surrounded by friends and family, and we hope she finds success in all of her future endeavors.

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