Where Is First Class’ Aldo Comas Now?

Netflix’s ‘First Class’ is an reality show that opens a window into the lives of the rich and famous as it revolves around a group of successful friends in Barcelona. Interestingly, the group is heterogeneous and has people from all professions. Yet, they all share a mutual obsession for lavish parties, exclusive events, and high-profile social lives. While following the cast around in their daily lives, the show provides a generous helping of drama and romance, making things more exciting.

When first introduced in ‘First Class’ season 1, Aldo Comas came across as someone lively yet eccentric. He described himself as a farmer and artist and claimed that he painted anything and everything that came to his mind. Moreover, Aldo also seemed quite frank in his approach, endearing himself to fans, who are curious to know where the artist is at present. Let’s find out, shall we?

Aldo Comas’ First Class Journey

Aldo Comas is as an artist, but his many talents give him an incredibly dynamic personality. While Aldo has his own art studio inside a farm in Barcelona, he is an avid farmer and has experience looking after all kinds of farm life, from ostriches to chickens. Moreover, he even takes pride in being an adventure sports lover and mentioned that he loved to “jump out of planes and off mountains.” Interestingly, the Barcelona-based artist seemed to be the life of the group as he often involved himself in playing small pranks on the rest of his friends.

Aldo even got into all sorts of trouble for his pranks, but ultimately, his frank and cheerful disposition was appreciated by all. The show initially introduced Aldo’s hilarious sense of humor as he, in his own way, described the rest of the group and their lifestyle. However, he did appear extremely supportive of all his friends and was always ready to extend a helping hand wherever needed. In episode 2, we got a glimpse into Aldo’s life as he invited the rest of the group to a party on the farm.

Like Aldo, the party was eccentric, and the costumes worn by some of the partygoers were stunning, to say the least. Moreover, the artist took a different yet refreshing approach, as the group had to procure most of their food from the farm before cooking up a delicious feast. Interestingly, in Aldo’s studio, the guests began debating their interpretation of his work, but the host made them all paint out their ideas on a single canvas, which ultimately strengthened the unity of their group.

Throughout the first season, Aldo turned out to be the most playful of the bunch but stepped up as the mediator in case of any issues. He rarely took offense to what others said and had a strong positive influence on the whole group. That was why he rarely found himself in an altercation with other cast members and offered a refreshing respite from the usual drama of reality shows.

Where Is Aldo Comas Now?

At present, Aldo is still based out of Barcelona and painting his heart out. While he publishes a few of his paintings online under the name of Aldo‘s Paint Lab and has an art gallery exhibit in Mallorca, Spain, the reality star even embraced the culture of NFTs and inculcated that into his profession. Besides, he is also involved with Spain’s Burning Spring Festival and the Do It Yourself, Ukraine organization which helps people affected by the Russia-Ukraine war.

From the looks of it, Aldo is currently enjoying the best days of his life and exploring his hobby of adventure sports to the maximum. Moreover, he is happily married to Macarena Gomez, and the two are proud parents to a 7-year-old son. Witnessing Aldo live a life surrounded by his friends and family is heartwarming, and we hope he remains happy for the years to come.

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