Are Jason Blossom, Dilton Doiley, and Ethel Muggs Alive or Dead in Rivervale?

The sixth season of ‘Riverdale’ brings with it a passion for the genre of horror and a bunch of complex and shocking plotlines. As the CW show uses the 5-episode event of ‘Rivervale’ to embellish the alternate version of the original town with spooky mysteries, chilling supernatural murders, and terrifying encounters with paranormal creatures, we begin to see fascinating facets of characters old and new.

In particular, the characters of Jason Blossom, Dilton Doiley, and Ethel Muggs are seen in season 6 episode 5, or the show’s 100th episode, wherein Jughead begins to investigate the towns of Riverdale and Rivervale. Understandably, fans are shocked by their sudden appearance and itching to find out why these characters are brought back. Relax, we have the answers you seek! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Jason Blossom, Dilton Doiley, and Ethel Muggs Alive or Dead in Rivervale?

At the start of season 6 episode 5, Jason Blossom, Dilton Doiley, and Ethel Muggs are alive in Rivervale. Although Ethel is alive in the ‘Riverdale’ universe as well, the deaths of Jason and Dilton are important plot points in previous seasons of the show. Jason’s death is what starts off the misadventures of the residents of Riverdale in season 1, whereas Dilton’s death in season 3 highlights the gruesome and horrifying nature of the Gargoyle King and his game of Gryphons and Gargoyles.

In ‘Rivervale,’ which is a parallel universe of ‘Riverdale,’ both Jason and Dilton are alive and well. Jason is residing with his twin sister, Cheryl, whilst Dilton teaches physics at the high school. Jughead goes to check whether Jason is alive because he remembers his death in Riverdale — in fact, he seems to be the only character who has any strong recollection of the original town and its dark secrets. Ethel, meanwhile, is Dilton’s teaching assistant.

Jughead goes through the school yearbook to find the “In Memoriam” section dedicated to Jason and assures himself that his visions of Riverdale are real. Then, he heads over to Thornhill and encounters Jason in person. Later, Jason gets kidnapped by the Black Hood, who fans will remember from season 2.

However, since Jughead remembers what happened to Jason in Riverdale, he is able to find Jason with the help of Sheriff Keller and Archie. As they rescue Jason, the Black Hood starts to fire at them. However, Sheriff Keller shoots him in the chest. When his mask is removed we see that Clifford Blossom is the Black Hood. In ‘Riverdale,’ Hal Cooper, Betty’s father, is the Black Hood. However, it is Clifford who kills Jason in season 1, for being unworthy of inheriting his drug empire, so it makes sense that he is targeting his son even in a parallel universe.

Meanwhile, Dilton is revealed to be the brains behind the chaotic functioning of the two parallel universes. Although it is Hiram’s bomb that accidentally creates an alternate version of Riverdale, it is Dilton who refuses to let the universes separate. Having done his research on the topic, Dilton is aware of the science behind the OG town and its twisted mirror image. “I’ll be the first scientist to document a prime pocket universe collapsing in real-time,” he states, refusing to let Jughead save the two towns that are constantly and dangerously influencing each other.

However, Ethel rises to the occasion and decides to help Jughead. This makes sense to fans, as she is quite obsessed with him in the ‘Riverdale’ universe. She poisons Dilton’s grape juice; we see him talk to Jughead and then suddenly collapse, frothing at the mouth. Thus, Dilton dies in ‘Rivervale’ and Jughead is able to save both the towns.

However, considering that nobody stays dead in Rivervale, it is quite possible that he will come back to life, even if we don’t get to see him. It is also possible that since Jughead is controlling the story of Rivervale, Dilton might not be resurrected as he lacks empathy and will do anything in the name of curiosity and for power. On the other hand, we expect that Jason will continue to live with Cheryl whilst Ethel will continue to work at the school. However, in the ‘Riverdale’ universe, both Jason and Dilton will remain dead.

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