Are Jessica and Mark Still Together? Love is Blind Update

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’ gets about 30 singles together who are in search of a partner they can start a life with. After going through a speed dating process in the special pods, people meet in person only after getting engaged. They are then sent on a couple’s retreat and get the opportunity to settle down in their everyday routine.

Naturally, living together brings up a host of problems that they did not anticipate, and habits and lifestyle changes often contribute to the drama. However, it is up to the couple to decide if they can make it work or not. Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas appeared in season 1, and people are interested to know where they stand today. Well, we come bearing answers!

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas’ Love is Blind Journey

Interestingly, Mark wasn’t Jessica’s first choice as she was initially interested in Matthew Barnett. However, Matthew was in two minds about his choice until he finally decided to propose to Amber Pike. Although this broke Jessica’s heart, she decided to get over it and give her second option, Mark, a try. Jessica was quite open about finding Mark unattractive and thought he was too immature for marriage. On the other hand, she was also concerned about the ten-year age gap between them (with Jessica being older) and wondered if that would cause problems in the future.

Unfortunately, Mark was not happy as he wanted a partner who would be head over heels in love with him, and Jessica did not give him that feeling. Apart from being concerned about their age, she seemed to take offense at everything he did, and the couple often fought on seemingly trivial matters. Although they got engaged and pledged to try and make their relationship work, it seemed almost impossible as neither was willing to compromise.

Gradually, Jessica felt more and more distanced from Mark and had cold feet on their wedding day. Although she got into her wedding dress, made it to the altar, and heard Mark say his vows, she knew it would not work out in the end. Thus, she decided to call off the wedding and left Mark at the altar. The canceled wedding did seem to affect Mark quite a bit, and he was visibly distressed. But with a decision having been made, the pair had to move on. So, where are they now?

Are Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas Still Together?

No, following the break-up on the show, Mark and Jessica did not get back together, and there is nothing to suggest that they still keep in touch. Post-filming, Mark reportedly got close to his ‘Love is Blind’ co-star Lauren “LC” Chamblin, and they began a relationship. But the two called it quits soon after. Besides, Jessica and Mark’s relationship was thrust further into controversy when the former accused her ex-partner of cheating while pursuing a relationship with her. Mark denied the allegations. On ‘Love Is Blind: After The Altar’ reunion special, Jessica mentioned that she felt like an “idiot” for dating Mark even while he was allegedly unfaithful.

But the whole fiasco is now in the past as Jessica and Mark have found their respective happily ever afters. Mark is engaged to Aubrey Rainey, whom he proposed to in May 2021 after the couple had their first child. They have since moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and even welcomed their second child in February 2022. They are quite open about their relationship and keep their fans updated through their YouTube Channel.

On the other hand, Jessica began dating ankle and foot surgeon Dr. Benjamin McGrath, and the pair celebrated their first anniversary on March 15, 2021. Thus, with both Mark and Jessica now happy in their respective relationships, we hope success does not elude them in the long run.

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