Jessie and Will: The Love Island Stars Are Happy Together

The allure of the spacious villa that acts as the ultimate matchmaker by putting a group of singles through obstacles, challenges, and politics, ‘Love Island UK’ has not just churned countless international spin-offs but also enthralled viewers with the scintillating drama produced by the interesting cast members for years. While the show has been known to pair up some great couples, it isn’t rare for several couples to break up as soon as they are out of the splendorous villa.

Hailing from Australia, Jessie Wynter’s association with ‘Love Island’ can be dated back to 2019, when she appeared as a contestant on season 2 of the Australian spin-off. For the Buckinghamshire native Will Young, however, the series was a first. Even so, Jessie and Will Young soon hit it off. The couple’s whirlwind romance, which kept the viewers hooked and even induced a pinch of heartbreak at times, has left many wondering whether or not they have been able to make it through.

Will and Jessie’s Love Island UK Journey

At 23, Will Young, a farmer hailing from Buckinghamshire, was seen as an innocent lad with big dreams. He didn’t just come to the villa to develop a deep connection but also came to find his life partner in South Africa’s most illustrious villa. On the other hand, 27-year-old Jessie Wynter, who has not been alien to the fame of the internet, had already been living in the public eye since her appearance on ‘Love Island’ in Australia. Even so, she looked to develop a deeper connection and entered the villa with a resolute focus to finally settle down.

Within eight days at the villa, both Jessie and Will came to realize that their common aspirations and hopes lined up with their riveting chemistry and compatibility. After going on a date with Will on a date on Day 8, things were loosely locked down between the two. Throughout their stay in the villa, Will and Jessie kept going on dates while also performing different missions together, honing their connection and creating a deep understanding of each other.

However, even the bliss that the couple shared is put to the test when Will admittedly cheats on Jessie in the Casa Amor segment of the show. The Casa Amor segment introduces three new boys and girls to the original singles of the show. While Will does apologize and even breaks down, feeling sorry for his actions, Jessie is shocked and upset still the same.

Later, Will manages to reconcile with Jessie with the help of fellow Islanders and even declares his love for the Australian native. Even though Jessie confirms she feels the same, allowing the couple to brave the storm, fans still wonder whether or not the lingering feelings of the betrayal have affected their lives outside the villa. Even though the two rekindled and stayed strong until their eventual dumping from the villa, fans still wonder whether or not the two are still together or not.

Will and Jessie Continue To Embark on New Adventures

Yes, Will and Jessie are still together. Even outside the ‘Love Island’ villa, the couple has managed to keep their sparks afloat and continue to shower fans with swooning pictures alluding to their strong relationship. When Will and Jessie failed to get into the finale by a few votes, fans were devastated to see their favorite couple go.

However, the two have managed to clearly showcase that their connection precedes the magical villa as they share their little moments of celebration continuously. Not just this, the couple even alluded to their future plans in an interview with The Mirror. Jessie stated that not only is she excited to meet Will’s family, but they are also in the process of looking for apartments together.

After leaving the villa in South Africa, the couple headed straight to the UK, where they have been making fans swoon with their lovely dates and adventures. From going shopping to magical candle-lit dates and even appearing on podcasts and interviews, Jessie and Will have managed to tether their relationship. The compatibility of the couple is clearly seen in the way they respect each other’s interests, such as Jessie’s interaction with Will’s barn animals at his farm.

As such, fans are naturally excited to see how the couple plans to lay their roots in the UK and Australia. So, despite their rough patch in the Casa Amor segment where Will ended up kissing one of the Bombshells, the couple has managed to eclipse their differences and come out stronger, leaving fans hoping for their eternal bliss.

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