Kai and Sanam: Is the Love Island UK Couple Still Together?

Although ‘Love Island‘ follows the familiar dating reality show premise of bringing together a group of contestants and having them stay on an island while being cut off from the rest of the world, it does have an exciting catch. Incidentally, a contestant has to remain coupled with another at all times to survive on the show. While anyone without a partner at the end of a recoupling ceremony is eliminated, public voting is also responsible for sending couples home until the last duo standing is declared the winner.

Although Manchester resident, Kai Fagan, was excited about exploring his options on ‘Love Island: UK’ season 9, he was enamored the moment Sanam Harrinanan walked into the villa. This gave way to a whirlwind romance, which spiced up the show. However, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out if Kai and Sanam are still together, shall we?

Kai and Sanam’s Love Island: UK Journey

Kai mentioned that he came onto the show intending to look for a genuine connection. While he described himself as lighthearted, chilled, charming, and fun to be around, Kai also claimed he had challenging expectations from the people around him and would not bother falling for the wrong person. In fact, he was apprehensive of putting in an effort for someone who might not be worth it and was unwilling to take chances in love. Interestingly, Kai coupled up with Tanyel Revan on Day one of the show, but that relationship did not last long. Instead, he soon got interested in other options and began exploring connections with Anna-May Robey, Samie Elishi, and Olivia Hawkins. However, even though he was never left without a partner after a recoupling ceremony, Kai never found satisfaction in his connections and knew they were not suitable for him.

Luckily, the situation changed when Sanam was introduced as a new contestant during the Casa Amor event. She described herself as someone who loves to flirt and make new friends. However, Sanam insisted she could get quite competitive and fierce if she wanted a man for herself. Surprisingly, Kai appeared to fall in love with Sanam from the moment she entered the villa, and the two soon embarked on a whirlwind romance. They ended up choosing each other at the next recoupling ceremony and even promised to remain exclusive throughout the rest of the season. Witnessing their blossoming relationship was refreshing, as neither seemed interested in anyone else. Hence it was no surprise when Kai and Sanam entered the season finale as a couple and were crowned the winners, allowing them to walk away with 50,000 pounds in prize money.

Kai and Sanam Are in a Happy Relationship

During the exit interview, Kai and Sanam appeared excited about the prize money and claimed they intended to use it to sponsor a romantic vacation. However, they were both aware of how vital the money could be once they decided to start a life together. Still, once filming for ‘Love Island: UK’ season 9 concluded, Kai returned to his life in Manchester, England, where he earns a living as a science and physical education teacher. Meanwhile, Sanam, who was previously employed as a social worker, claimed she would not be able to go back to her profession after the fame and popularity she experienced as a reality TV star. Though, Sanam believes that she should be able to use her newfound platform to help needy children from her hometown.

In the meantime, both Kai and Sanam kept their relationship alive and went on several dates together. In fact, the two even share the memories they make on social media, and Sanam insisted that she had never featured a guy so extensively on her account in the past. On the other hand, Kai claimed that the previous few days were a “dream,” and from the looks of it, the couple is definitely in it for the long run. Kai and Sanam did appear to get engaged during a program on BBC’s Asian Network Radio on March 20, 2023. Yet, this was soon revealed to be a joke, although we can confirm that the pair is currently in a happy relationship.

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