Are Jeymi and Kris From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

A spinoff of the highly popular ‘90 Day Fiance‘, TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ is a reality TV series that follows US citizens who decide to leave their familiar surroundings and travel to their’s partner’s country in the hopes of starting a new life. Similarly, season 4 of ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ introduced US native Kris Foster, who planned on traveling to Columbia to be with her fiancée, Jeymi Noguera. Although Kris and Jeymi appeared very much in love, like most cross-border relationships, they had their fair share of trouble, making fans question whether they are still together. Well, worry not because we come bearing answers!

Kris and Jeymi’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Journey

A native of Haleyville, Alabama, Kris claimed she grew up in a conservative neighborhood. However, that could not keep her away from exploring different cultures, and the US native considers herself to be a worldly person. Besides, she even revealed that she had previously been married twice, although both marriages ended in divorce. Evidently, Kris’s experience with romance hasn’t been the kindest, yet her world revolves around Starr and Dayne, her children from her previous marriage.

On the other hand, Jeymi is originally from Venezuela but decided to move to Colombia as her native country has numerous restrictions. Apart from the difficulty of getting a decent job, Venezuela also has problems with same-sex relationships. Moreover, she realized that Colombia would give her the opportunities she needed to grow as a person. Incidentally, Jeymi and Kris met for the first time through an international dating app, and it did not take long for the pair to get comfortable. Besides, theirs was a whirlwind relationship, as they got engaged without meeting face to face.

Naturally, Kris’ children were initially apprehensive of their mother’s relationship, but they accepted it once they realized Jeymi made her happy. Hence, after considering her choices, the Alabama native traveled to Colombia to be with her beloved. Even before Kris went there, the couple had some issues with trust, as the show alleged that at one point in time, the US native disappeared from Jeymi’s life, and the latter ended up talking to a different woman as she needed company.

There was also the issue of Jeymi reportedly lying about her Covid-19 diagnosis when Kris knew she was fit enough to go to work. Still, such problems appeared minor in front of their love, and the two decided to bury the hatchet and start anew. However, getting rid of trouble wasn’t easy, and the situation worsened once Kris met Jeymi in Colombia. Since the two had been in a long-distance relationship since the beginning, they had no idea how living together would feel. Furthermore, the Colombian resident was disappointed to learn that Kris’ neck issues were much more severe than she had imagined.

Meanwhile, Kris got into an altercation with her fiancee as the latter had booked an apartment that exceeded the rent amount they had agreed upon previously. On top of it, Jeymi was alarmed to discover that her partner was highly concerned about her security, as she forced her to accompany her to a weapon store. With such a massive communication gap between the pair, fans wondered if they would manage to stay together.

Are Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera Still Together?

While Jeymi prefers privacy regarding her personal life and hasn’t revealed much about her relationship, Kris loves keeping her followers updated by sharing regular snippets from her life on social media. From the looks of it, the two have managed to bury their differences and build a loving relationship based on trust and understanding. In fact, Kris currently appears to reside in Bogota, and her Instagram profile is chock full of the memories she has been making with her fiancee.

Interestingly, one of the Alabama resident’s recent posts sparked rumors of a breakup, as fans believed she had moved away from Bogota. Nevertheless, Kris immediately set the record right and claimed she was shuttling between Alabama and Colombia for the time being. Thus, considering current developments, we can safely say that Kris and Jeymi are together and still going strong.

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